Washington Township Swim Club has been coaching, encouraging and helping young people achieve their goals for more than 30 years through the sport of swimming. WTSC is a member of USA Swimming which includes 3,000 swim clubs across the country and Indiana Swimming which oversees more than 100 clubs in the state. WTSC has a rich history of success and comprehensive programming, having been recognized by USA Swimming as a certified Safe Sport Club, a Level 1 club in the USAS Club Recognition Program and a former Silver Medal Club of Excellence. Currently, WTSC is the premier year-round competitive swim team and swim lesson provider in Indianapolis and offers high-quality professional coaching and technique instruction. The goal of our team is to provide every member an opportunity to improve swimming skills and achieve success at his or her level of ability, from novice to international competitor. WTSC swimmers have experienced success at the local, national, and collegiate levels. Our coaches have access to the most comprehensive training and certification program for youth coaches of any sport in the United States. They provide assurances that the time children spend in swimming will be quality time. WTSC is a non-profit club run by its elected parent Board of Directors. We accept new members to our competitive team and swim lessons program through group evaluations at the beginning of each season or individual evaluations throughout the season. If you are interested in becoming a member of WTSC please send us an email through the "Contact Us" link on our website to set up an appointment.


“Washington Township Swim Club welcomes children of all skill levels to fall in love with the sport of swimming just like I did. There are a lot of youth sports options available but in many of them not every athlete gets to participate. In swimming you do, in addition to learning the lifelong skill of water safety. Swimming provides a platform for individual success in a team environment and WTSC swimmers learn that their own success relies on how much they want to practice. They are in control of where they go and how far they want to take themselves which provides limitless opportunities for personal character development. We cater to many different needs and wants, from national level swimmers to others that just enjoy swimming and the camaraderie that comes with being on a team. Regardless of your skill level or experience with the sport, come join us and see where swimming can take you.”


                                                                                                                                              -WTSC Head Coach Josh Saylor