NewsWave May 3

Carmel Meet – Later today WTSC will take to the pool for the first time this season at the Carmel Spring Fling (May 3-5 @ Carmel HS). Good luck to our swimmers: Have fun and swim fast! An email went our earlier this week to all participating families with several important pieces of information regarding the meet – warmup schedule, Friday night limits, parking, etc. If you did not receive this message or if you have questions about the meet, please speak with your group coach.

Membership Meeting – Thank you to all WTSC parents who attended last Saturday’s membership meeting. All the information shared on Saturday could have been done so via email, but we wanted to offer an opportunity to gather in person and share in a sense of community. Parents are a vital component to a successful swim club, so it was gratifying to see the support of our efforts on Saturday. Below are a few follow-up items regarding the meeting:

·          Snap Raise – Please speak with Jennifer Buddenbaum if you have questions about our ongoing fundraiser. As stated, our goal as a club is $15,000 and if we hit that goal, we will have some fun in the sun at a team pool party!

·          Safe Sport – Thank you for your help in fulfilling our new Safe Sport requirements. The parent and swimmer videos shown on Saturday will be distributed to our full membership. These can be uncomfortable subjects but are important ones to address in order to provide an environment at WTSC where all swimmers are safe and have healthy relationships with the adults they interact with. Please take a few moments to review these videos with your swimmers and contact your group coach if you have any questions.

·          Marketing Campaign – All swimmers who attended the meeting received a goody bag including a new “Ask Me Why I Swim” T shirt. If your swimmers did not attend the meeting, have them check with their group coaches to receive their goody bags.

·          Social Media – WTSC is alive and well on social media and we need your support to spread the word about all the good things going on with our team. Please follow Washington Township Swim Club on Facebook as well as on Twitter and Instagram at @swimwtsc (both platforms).

May Calendar – The club calendar for May is now posted on the website. One change regarding the month in general is that all Friday evening practices have been shortened to 7pm for Tsunami, Crest and Breakers. The coaches would love to see better attendance on Friday evenings and the hope is that a little shorter practice (meaning more family time after practice) might bring some more swimmers to the pool. Also, below are several important notes regarding individual dates in May:

·          There will be no practice for any training groups tonight or tomorrow night (Saturday, May 4) due to the Carmel Spring Fling (see above).

·          There will be no Senior practice on Friday, May 17 & Saturday, May 18 due to the BA Early Bird (see below).

·          There will be no age group practice on Wednesday, May 22 due to the PIKE Developmental Meet (see below).

·          There will be no practice for any training groups on Monday, May 27. Happy Memorial Day!

·          All PM practices on Friday, May 31 should be considered tentative pending our ticket order for the FINA Champions Swim Series (see below). We want a big group to attend this event and watch the stars of USA Swimming in action. PM practices will be canceled on this date if we hit the minimum sales number to place a group order.

BA Early Bird –  Final entries for the BA Early Bird (May 17-19 @ Purdue University) have been submitted and accepted by the host club, and entries are now closed. Entries are available for review at the pool and on the club website. Please speak with Coach Josh or Coach Todd if you have questions about this event.

PIKE Meet –  Entries are now open on our website for the PIKE Developmental Meet (May 22 @ Pike HS). This meet is appropriate and encouraged for all WTSC swimmers age 14&Under. An order of events and warmup schedule are posted on the club website, and the deadline to commit to this event is May 10. Please speak with your group coach if you have questions about this event.

WTSC Group Outing –  We invite our swimmers and parents to take advantage of a unique opportunity for a group outing this summer, as Indianapolis plays host to the FINA Championship Swim Series. This made-for-television event will bring the top 100 swimmers in the world – including American superstars Lilly King and Ryan Murphy – to Indianapolis for two nights of exciting competition. The event will be held on Friday, May 31 and Saturday, June 1 at the IUPUI Natatorium, with competition starting at 7pm on both nights. Indiana Swimming member clubs are being given the opportunity to place group ticket orders at a discounted price and we want to take full advantage! A ticket order signup for this event is now live on the WTSC website. Tickets are $12 each for adults and $8 each for children (12&Under). When you signup for tickets, please commit one family member and use the comment section to indicate the details of your order. For example, “the Doe family would like 2 adult and 2 child tickets for Saturday only.” Our in-house order deadline is May 8, and we must order a minimum of 20 tickets to place an order through Indiana Swimming at the discounted rate. Ticket orders will be billed to your account after the ordering deadline. This is an exciting opportunity to watch the best swimmers in the world race in our backyard and to do it in the company of your WTSC friends and teammates. Please visit the signup page to place your orders now and speak with Coach Josh if you have questions about this event.

WTSC Fathers’ Day Invite –  It’s not too early to start thinking about our main event for the summer, the WTSC Father’s Day Invite (June 14-16 @ NC). The field is shaping up to be deep and competitive and we will want to put our best foot forward in every way. As with all hosted meets, all WTSC swimmers have been pre-entered (Whitecaps on Saturday & Sunday, Breakers through Seniors all three days) and parents will have until May 17 to opt out of participation or alter days of participation if you have conflicts. This event is also subject to the worker requirements detailed in your registration packet. A job signup will go live closer to the event. Please speak with your group coach if you have questions about this event and get ready for another great weekend of WTSC racing and hosting!

Summer Programming –  Please help us spread the word about three upcoming programs: Our Summer League Prep package, our summer Riptides session and the new Ready, Set, Swim Team program. These programs are perfect to bring new swimmers to WTSC and word-of-mouth is our most effective recruiting tool. Information about all programs is on the WTSC website, and you can speak with Coach Josh or Jennifer Buddenbaum if you have questions about these programs.