NewsWave April 8

Josh Saylor

Long Course Start – We hope everyone is rested and ready to begin another great season of WTSC swimming on Monday, April 12. There are a few changes from our operations during the winter as detailed below. Please read carefully and speak with your group coach if you have questions.


  • To better utilize our age group coaching staff, we will move to a three-group format starting next week, each group having its own lead coach. The age group swimmers have been moved into the Gold Group (Coach Todd), Silver Group (Coach Ben) and Bronze Group (Coach Leah). And Coach Josh will lead the Senior Group. A group roster has been loaded to the “Practice Schedule” tab of our website.
  • We are pleased to have Riptides (see below) back in business in April and are excited to welcome Jacque Freeman to the coaching staff as the lead coach of that group.
  • A practice schedule for April and early May (through the last day of school in Washington Township) has also been loaded to the “Practice Schedule” tab of our website. Practice times are largely back to our pre-COVID norms, which we are happy to offer again. The schedule document is formatted differently than in the past, FYI.
  • Regarding access to the North Central building itself, parents are now permitted inside the building to drop kids off, wait during practice, use the restroom, etc. However, anyone inside NC must have a face covering on and if you do choose to wait in the bleachers please observe appropriate social distancing practices.
  • Swimmers must also wear a face covering while inside the building. We also recommend that swimmers continue to come and go from practice in their suits. However, locker rooms are available for full use if desired.
  • The use of any facility is dictated by current public health conditions. Any changes to these guidelines will be communicated ASAP.


Riptides – The start of a new season will also see the return of one of our familiar programs, the Riptides. Riptides serves as a “pre-team” training group designed to teach swimmers just beginning in the sport the necessary skills to become a full-time member of WTSC. Any swimmers with previous Riptides experience are encouraged to return and please spread the word to families with prospective new Riptides to schedule an evaluation. Swimmers must be able to complete a 25 of Freestyle and Backstroke and be at least 7 years old. Riptides will have their first practice on Monday, April 19 and will be led by Jacque Freeman, the newest member of the WTSC coaching staff.


Summer Meets – While our practice schedule is largely back to normal, meets are another matter as clubs across Indiana – including WTSC – determine how best to host events. Several meets have been added to the club website and are available for yes/no signups. The meets listed on our website are meets we are planning to attend but all meets should be considered subject to change. We are still working to finalize some dates and will announce any changes and/or additions as soon as possible. One correction from the last NewsWave: The closed invite we are hosting in May will be on Friday, May 7 and Saturday, May 8.


Speedo Sectionals Recap – Our short course season officially wrapped up with a strong showing by our Seniors at Speedo Sectionals. This is a fast meet that featured Olympic heroes Lily King and Blake Pieroni this year with a variety of other top-shelf competitors gunning for Olympic Trial cuts. WTSC swimmers had their fair share of highlights led by Brody Friend who made the first Futures cuts of his career in the 50 & 100 Freestyle. Swimming with short course qualifying times, Lurilla Bereveskos (400 Freestyle), Carsyn Christoffel (50 Freestyle), Lauren Diercks (100 Backstroke), Brody Friend (200 Freestyle), Emma Horton (100 Freestyle) and Colin Parker (50 Freestyle) all picked up new long course Sectional cuts in their respective events. And Chance Buckles (100 & 200 Backstroke), Carsyn Christoffel (50 & 200 Freestyle), Brody Friend (50 & 200 Freestyle), Emma Horton (50, 100 & 400 Freestyle) and Colin Parker (50 Freestyle) also converted their short course seed times into new long course Senior State cuts in their respective events. Way to go swimmers on an outstanding Speedo Sectionals and a great finish to a long but successful short course season. An updated Honor Roll – the final Honor Roll of the short course season – is posted on the club website.


Congratulations – The recently completed short course championship meets were all one year overdue thanks to the pandemic and our swimmers made the most of their long-awaited opportunities. But there is one more meet coming up that was put on the back burner and WTSC is proud of Emily Buening who will compete in the USA Swimming Open Water Junior Nationals on April 17 in Ft. Myers, Florida. Emily qualified for this amazing opportunity thanks to her strong finish at the Open Water Zone Championships in the summer of 2019. Congratulations Emily and good luck in Florida!


New Officials – WTSC needs some new officials. Officiating is a great way to get involved with the sport and can lead to a rewarding experience as you progress through the levels of expertise from stroke & turn to referee. And it is also easy to maintain your certification as an official as you can work most of the needed meet sessions at our own events. WTSC is planning to host an educational clinic for new officials this spring. More details will be available after they are finalized but for now, if you are interested in becoming an official, please contact Eric Hillenbrand for more information ([email protected]).