NewsWave November 29

Josh Saylor

Holiday Champs Recap – Every swimmer, family member, coach and friend of WTSC should be proud of our collective effort in hosting the WTSC Holiday Champs. Thank you to WTSC Business Manager Julie Spicer and to co-meet directors Autumn Leppert and Emily Wolfe for their long hours and tireless work before, during and after the meet. Thank you to all WTSC parents and family members who stepped up to fill their shifts – and more in many instances – and way to go to our swimmers for an outstanding weekend of racing against some stiff competition. An updated Honor Roll has been posted at the pool, but the following swimmers earned special shout-outs with their performances. First, welcome to WTSC to Gabriella & Julian Urwand who competed in their first meet as a member of our team. Big meets bring breakthrough performances and Holiday Champs was no exception. Congratulations to Corbin Christoffel who made the first Age Group State cut of his career in the 50 Breaststroke, and to Abigail Buening (100 Breaststroke), Hadasa Garcia-Esquivel (50 Freestyle) and Alex Perez (400 IM) who made the first Divisional cuts of their careers in their respective events. Our Honor Roll expanded at every level at Holiday Champs with swimmers making their first cuts of the season. Carlise Leppert (50 Freestyle), Eleanor Reno (50 & 100 Freestyle; 100 Backstroke; 100 & 200 Butterfly; 200 & 400 IM) and Samantha Washburn (50 & 100 Freestyle; 100 & 200 Backstroke; 100 & 200 Breaststroke; 400 IM) made their first Divisional cuts of the season. Katie Countryman (50 & 500 Freestyle; 100 Butterfly), Sebastian Granados (200 Freestyle; 50 & 100 Breaststroke; 50 & 100 Butterfly), Sarah McPherson (100 & 200 Breaststroke) and Kayley Spicer (200 Breaststroke) made their first Age Group State cuts of the season. Emily Buening (1650 Freestyle; 400 IM) and Lily Wolfe (1650 Freestyle) made their first Senior State cuts of the season. Katie Countryman made her first Zone cut of the season in the 50 Freesytle. And Carsyn Christoffel (100 Breastroke) and Lauren Diercks (100 Backstroke) made their first Futures cuts of the season. Elania Spicer added to her Age Group State list with a new cut in the 100 Backstroke. Chance Buckles (200 & 1650 Freestyle), Brody Friend (500 Freestyle; 200 IM) and Colin Parker (200 Butterfly) made new Senior State cuts. And the following WTSC swimmers made new Divisional cuts in their respective events: Olivia Bourquein (100 Backstroke), Ruby Brown (100 Backstroke; 50 Breaststroke), Corbin Christoffel (50 Butterfly), Kellen Ford (500 Freestyle; 200 Breaststroke), Dillon Horsley (200 IM), Ethan Jaeger (100 Butterfly), Owen Jaeger (100 Freestyle; 100 Backstroke), Sarah McPherson (400 IM), Zaid Moreno (200 & 500 Freestyle; 100 Backstroke; 100 Butterfly; 200 IM), Zander Moreno (200 Butterfly; 200 IM), Grady Mosby (100 Butterfly), Nataly Trujillo-Magdaleno (50 Freestyle), Kate Weigand (200 Freestyle) and Annie Wolfe (500 Freestyle; 100 Backstroke). Check out the Honor Roll for these highlights and many more from an impressive weekend of hosting and racing. Way to go WTSC!


Swim-A-Thon – We are grateful for the love and support from our families and friends of WTSC, all of which helped us navigate through a challenging past 18 months and get back to the business of swimming and building our club. Fundraising helps us pay coaches and staff, replace and upgrade equipment, offer programming to our members and community, and keep us moving towards the club we want to become, and our annual Swim-A-Thon is right around the corner. The Swim-A-Thon will be held on Friday, December 11 from 6-7pm. Our goal is to raise $15,000 this year and it is so easy to contribute to this goal. All WTSC swimmers have their own link that they can customize and email to family and friends and here is how to make it work:


  • Sign into your Team Unify account (make sure your options are listed on the left).
  • Click on “My Account” and you with see an Event Fundraising option.
  • There will be an edit option for you to add a photo and personal story from your swimmer.
  • There are a few additional tabs where you can promote your link.


In addition to the personalized links, a Swim-A-Thon banner is now live at the top of the WTSC homepage where anyone can click and donate. Donations can be made in the name of a specific swimmer or anonymously. The Swim-A-Thon is also a great opportunity for sponsorships by local businesses. We are also looking for a parent(s) from each training group to organize some fun and games on the day of the event. Speak with WTSC Business Manager Julie Spicer if you have questions about promoting the Swim-A-Thon, helping with the Swim-A-Thon, the Swim-A-Thon in general, and/or sponsorship opportunities.


LST Dual Meet – After an amazing weekend of competition at Holiday Champs, WTSC swimmers will put an exclamation point on racing in 2021 with a dual meet with the Lawrence Swim Team at North Central HS. This meet will feature two short sessions, a traditional Friday night distance session (5:30pm warmups; 6:30pm start) and a single all-ages session on Saturday (10:30am/11:30am). Our in-house deadline to sign up for this event is Wednesday, December 1. This event is appropriate and encouraged for all Gold, Silver and Bronze Group swimmers. Any Senior swimmers wishing to participate should speak with Coach Josh. And this meet will be the first competitive opportunity for several of our Riptide swimmers! Any Riptides interested in swimming in this meet should contact Coach Isaiah Huisman ([email protected]). We will need some volunteer help to run this event; a job signup is now live on the meet page on our website. Finally, event selection is now open, and a meet schedule/order of events document has been posted to the meet page. Please speak with your group coach if you have questions about this event.


December Schedule – A December practice schedule has been loaded to the “Practice Schedule” tab of our website. Please follow the schedule for your swimmer’s training group carefully and speak with your group coach if you have any questions. All dates and times are subject to change due to weather and other circumstances. And the use of our aquatic facility is governed by guidance provided by the Marion County Health Department. Any changes to the practice schedule will be communicated ASAP.