Event Fundraising
SOS! Save Our Swim Club
WTSC is Swimming for Survival!
NOV 21
Time: 12:00 AM
Jennifer Buddenbaum Email
Due to circumstances surrounding Covid-19, WTSC is in a financial situation where we are sending out a SOS! Help! Help save our swim club! WTSC's budget relies heavily on the successful swim meets that we host throughout the season. Because we are not currently able to host these swim meets, we need to creatively supplement our revenue.

We are hosting a fun swim-a-thon for our swimmers, as well as, reaching out to our WTSC alumnae and community members to help keep our Club swimming into the future.
Participants | Rank 0/65
$3,270.00 Sarah McPherson
$2,054.00 Kayley Spicer
$1,971.00 Elaina Spicer
$1,850.90 Brody Friend
Top Roster (amount)
$10,080.64 Seniors
$8,998.68 Tsunami
$7,455.00 Unassigned
$3,772.68 Breakers
$1,850.00 Whitecaps
Top Locations (amount)
$25,502.00 Full Team
$7,555.00 Unassigned