Fitter and Faster Swim Camp Invite

Michael Fiwek

Hello Swim Families! 

We have been invited to attend a Fitter and Faster swim camp in Hobart!

April 10-11: Comprehensive Starts Camp (This weekend!)

This swim camp will help swimmers maximize their speed during the fastest part of every race: the start. Saturday will focus on starts from the block and well as how to maintain that speed with underwater dolphin kicking and an explosive breakout. Sunday will cover backstroke starts and relay exchanges. This camp will be led by Elite Clinician Tucker Dupree! Tucker will provide individualized instruction for participants and share his unique perspective on learning and refining his racing skills.


August 14-15: Comprehensive Turns Camp


November 27-28: Race Strategy Camp: 50’s & 100’s


Session sizes are limited to only 24 participants to ensure social distancing AND individual feedback. The groups of each camp will be divided based on best times! Visit the event page to see the time standards for each group. 


We cannot wait for this event and we strongly recommend everyone click the link below to read more about the curriculum and to register ASAP. 

CLICK HERE for details and registration