Membership Information

Code of Conduct

As a Wanee Waves Swim Team member, I recognize and agree to always conform to this code of conduct while representing WWST and:

Part I: Code of Conduct

  • To conduct myself to be a worthy team member.
  • To conduct myself in a manner to earn respect and confidence of others.
  • To act/conduct myself with dignity and with respect for others and the property of others.
  • To promote positive high team spirit and morale.
  • To strive to do my best and encourage all team members to do the same.
  • To deal justly, kindly, impartially, and intelligently with all my fellow team members.
  • To be a responsible goodwill ambassador between the sport of swimming and the public.
  • To follow the Wanee Waves Swim Team practice and meet rules.
  • To follow the Indiana Swimming and the USA swimming rules.
  • To do my very best to bring the highest possible credit and regard to myself, Wanee Waves Swim Team, Indiana Swimming and USA Swimming.
  • My membership on Wanee Waves Swim Team is a privilege and I personally acknowledge those responsibilities associated with it.


Part II: Violation of the Code

The Wanee Waves Swim Team Head Coach have the power to impose penalties for violations of the code.

  • Indiscreet or destructive behavior will not be tolerated. Every effort should be made to avoid guilt by association with such activities.
  • The use of any of the below is strictly FORBIDDEN and may result in an immediate suspension from the Wanee Waves Swim Team:
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Tobacco products (including vaping products).
    • Drugs (other than those prescribed by a physician).

The penalties for any offenses include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. The swimmer will receive a warning.
  2. The parent of the swimmer will be notified of any violation regarding the code.
  3. The swimmer will forfeit their privilege of being a member of the Wanee Waves Swim Team.



Communication is the key to a successful experience in the WWST program. You will receive periodic emails from your coaches that are your primary source of information. Please read them carefully!

To stay fully informed and engaged, we encourage you to check our website frequently at and interact with us on social media. WWST has an active presence on Facebook (

When you have a specific question or concern regarding your swimmer, go directly to your swimmer’s group coach. Most questions are answered quickly at this level.

If you need additional help, please consult the respective Group Coach for your swimmer, then the Head Coach. Staff roles, email addresses and phone numbers are available on


Dues/Payment Information

There are 3 payment plans for winter and 2 payment plans for the summer season. Membership dues payment dates will be provided on the monthly calendar. Account Balances are due the first of the following month. Any payments for dues, meet fees or miscellaneous items must be placed in the WWST box payment slot or paid online.  No money is to be directly handed to coaching staff.


Open Club Policy

WWST is “open” to all swimmers.