WWST Information


Training Groups

  Practices Rec. Age Group Information
GROUP Number Days Duration
Red 2 M / TH 30 Min 8 & U Beginners (Little Skill)
White 2 - 3 M / TU / TH 60 Min 10 & U New to sport. Can swim comfortably.
Black 3 - 4 M / TU / W / TH 90 Min 14 & U Experienced Swimmers - Divisional or Close


Red Group 

  • This is our beginner group for new swimmers
  • Swimmers must be able to swim 25 yards, fully submerge, float, and demonstrate basic front crawl and backstroke
  • The focus on this group will be to get swimmers prepped for competitive swimming
  • They will be taught basic mechanics for each stroke
  • Practices are 30 minutes long and held 2 times per week

White Group

  • Beginners
    • This sub-group is for swimmers that can swim front crawl or backstroke comfortably for 100 yards
    • Focus will be introduction to basic stroke mechanics
    • Swimmers will begin to learn how to swim both breaststroke and butterfly
    • Practices are 60 minutes long and held 2-3 times per week
  • Intermediate
    • This sub-group is for swimmers that are able to do all 4 strokes
    • Focus will be on endurance and introduction advance stroke mechanics
    • Swimmers should be able to swim 200 yards continuously
    • Practices are 60 minutes long and held 2-3 times per week

Black Group

  • Intermediate
    • This sub-group is for advance swimmers that are close too or have a divisional time
    • Focus will be on strength and endurance
    • Focus will be on advance technique with a max of 5000 yards per day
    • Practices will be 90 minutes long held 3-4 times per week
  • Advance
    • This sub-group is for advance swimmers that have multiple divisional or state times
    • This group will be focused on strength and endurance
    • Focus will be on advance technique with a max of 5000 per day
    • Practices will be 90 minutes long held 3-4 times per week


Training Group Notes:
  • All training group placements are assigned by the Coaching Staff for the best interest of the LONG TERM development of the swimmer.
  • Current school grade and training/meet performance will determine the swimmer’s training group placement.
  • Based on the training group assigned, there will be opportunities for swimmers to compete in swim meets. It is highly encourage that swimmers attend several meets per season.
  • Group movement will occur at the discretion of the coaching staff. The Head Age Group or Senior coach will discuss with the parents the options available to the swimmer based on the time standards achieved.
  • If a swimmer does move to a higher training group during the season, the family will be responsible for the fees associated with moving to the higher group. These arrangements can be made with the coaching staff.
  • The Coaching Staff will review the training group assignments at the conclusion of the winter season and make the appropriate changes to the groups prior to the start of the summer season.


Administrative Notes:

  • Registration for Winter Season will open in September. 
  • All Fees should be paid via the Team Unify account with a credit or debit card or by check.  If you have any questions please reach out to the Coaching Staff.
  • Anyone paying for the full season dues will be invoiced on October 1st.
  • High School athletes will be assessed separate fees based on Mens and Womens seasons on registration night for winter prep. The remainder of the championship season will be billed after end of season meets are determined.
  • High School Swimmers only swimming champion season will not have to pay September flat dues fee
  • The September Dues Flat Rate, One-time Registration,  and Team Suit/Cap fee will be due upon registration for ALL swimmers at winter registration.
  • The April Dues Flat Rate, One-time registration, will be due upon registration for ALL swimmers for summer season.
  • Suit fitting is planned at the first practice with orders being placed at the end of the week.  Accounts will be invoiced once order has been placed due to group discount on order.
  • Swimmers with an outstanding balance on account by 15th will also be barred from practice in till account is balanced.


Discounts and Fees

Credit Card Processing Fee: A 2.95% fee will be applied to each credit card transaction (the same fee the bank charges the club)

Meet Fees: Most meets have a per event charge (usually $4-$5 for most of our meets) and all meets have a $2 per athlete IN Swimming surcharge.  Meets can also carry up to an additional $18 per athlete surcharged but will vary from meet to meet.  The meet fees will be billed to your account once the entries are sent to the host club.  Meet fees must be paid to WWST once the entries have been sent into the meet host, even if the swimmer is not able to attend.

Late Fees: Invoiced balanced not paid by 11:59 PM on the 15th of the month will be assessed a $10 late fee.  It is the individual family's responsibility to check their account balance before the 15th of the month to be sure that all invoiced balances are paid.  Autopay is available via credit card, which will run on the 1st of each month and will include automatic payment of monthly recurring charges and non-recurring charges in the billing period.

Multi-Child Discount: A 5% discount will be accessed against member accounts with multiple children.

Outreach Discount: Any child that qualifies for the Outreach program will also be provided a 35% discount.


USA Swimming Membership Options

A USA Swimming Membership is required for all registered members of the Wa-Nee Waves Swim Team.  There are several options for membership available.  The membership fee is handled via the registration link on the team website.

Membership Type


USA Swimming Fee


9/1/2022 – 12/31/2023


Flex (12 & U Only)

Good for 2 meets

9/1/2022 - 12/31/2023 $30.00

Seasonal 1

(Summer Only)

4/1/2023 – 8/31/2023



6/1/2021 – 12/31/2022


Premium: The Premium Membership allows swimmers to participate fully in all practices and competitions offered by WWST for the duration of the membership.  This option is intended for swimmers who wish to compete in more than 2 sanctioned meets in the 12 months of the membership or plan to compete in the IN Swimming Divisional Meet, State Championships, Zones Championships, Sectional Championships, or National level meets.

Outreach: Any swimmer who is on a free or reduced lunch program or has Hoosier Healthwise insurance is eligible for a reduced rate on the full year membership.  Documentation will need to be provided for this option.  Please contact the club at [email protected] for more information or to register for this option.

Season: The Season membership allows for swimmers to participate fully in WWST practices and unlimited sub-championship meets.  This membership only applies to those that only swim during the summer season.  Swimmers also cannot simply "upgrade" for the difference later should the swimmer qualify for championship events.  If a swimmer has qualifying or could qualify for championship meets they will need get the Premium membership.


WWST Website/Communication
  • The PRIMARY source for communicating information will be through 'REMIND"
    • ​TEXT: 81010
    • MESSAGE: @WWST2021-22
  • Additional communication can be found via
  • On the WWST website, parents will be able to declare their swimmer’s availability for upcoming swim meets, sign up for volunteer jobs for home swim meets, and check/print practice and meet schedules.  At minimum, parents should log in and check the website WEEKLY to stay up to date!
  • The WWST Board and/or Coaching Staff will utilize EMAIL to send out information in addition to the WWST website. Please make sure that all email addresses are correct for your account. Any last minute changes, including practice schedule changes and cancellations, will be sent out via email from the WWST website or on the Remind app.