SWIM TEAM SEASON—The Wa-Nee Waves Summer season is from mid-April to mid-July. Winter season follows in September to March.


THE TEAM UNIFORM for Summer Season requires all swimmers to wear a solid black suit. This can be any brand and be bought from Swim Outlet. ALL swimmers will be required to wear this team suit at the meets, as it makes one feel more like part of the team.  It is imperative that your swimmer have a second suit for practice.  Wearing the team suit for practices will quickly wear it out.  Racing style suits are recommended for practices.  Bikinis and swim shorts are not appropriate attire for competitive swimming. Swimmers must provide their own goggles and swim caps. Preferred color of swim cap is solid black.


THE PRACTICE FACILITIES - Practices will be at the NorthWood High School and at the Nappanee Public Pool.  The NorthWood High School and Nappanee Public Pool are not responsible for lost or stolen items.  It is advised that each swimmer have their own padlock to secure their valuables in a locker during practices and meets, both at home or away.


PRACTICE SCHEDULE—Practice times will vary on group level.  During the summer season, practice may be changed or cancelled due weather. Practices will be utilizing two pools. Having the option of the Nappanee Public Pool will be schedule dependent. Your coach will inform you as to which pool the practice will be at. Please keep the practice schedule on your refrigerator or another convenient location and be aware of changes to practice times. ** We are waiting conformation on single day dual meets. They will be added as they come in.**


PRACTICE BEHAVIOR—All swimmers are expected to follow pool rules and membership rules.  Swimmers are expected to treat each other, coaches, parents, volunteers, members, and guests with respect.  Swimmers are expected to shower before entering the pool, dive only in the deep end, and walk on the pool deck.  If swimmers must leave early, they must give notice to the coach prior to the start of practice either verbally or written from a parent.



THE COACH’S RESPONSIBLITIES include all facets in the training and preparation of the swimmer for competition and in the guidance of the swimmer during competition.  The responsibilities include:

            1.  Physical training and conditioning of the swimmer.

            2.  Psychological conditioning and preparation.

            3.  Working with swimmers on stroke technique.

            4.  Motivation

            5.  Determination of the lineup for meets.


It is the responsibility of the coach to determine which individual events each swimmer will swim at dual or tri meets.  Choosing relay teams is also up to the coach, and it must be understood that the fastest swimmers are typically chosen and expected to make up the 4-person teams, especially at championship meets.  The meet line up is an integral part of the coach’s duties, and only the coach has all the information necessary for determining the most advantageous line up.  Meet line ups will vary as each age-group swimmer masters the four competitive strokes.


Swimmers may be given the opportunity to choose events at invitationals, conference, and state.  However, the coach will give final approval to events chosen by the swimmer and does have the right to change the event.  The swimmer will be notified by the coach of any changes.


ALLOW THE COACH TO COACH!  If you need to talk with the coach, please make arrangements to do so outside of the practice time.  You will not be allowed on deck during practice time unless specifically requested by the coach.  The coaches must be able to concentrate their efforts, and safety on the swimmers during this time.  Arrangements to talk to the coach must be made directly through the coach.


THE PARENT/COACH RELATIONSHIP needs to be viewed by the swimmer as one of mutual respect and cooperation.  There may be times that you disagree or do not understand the action of the coach.  Please take time to ask the coach after practice. MISUNDERSTANDINGS SHOULD BE HANDLED WITHOUT THE INVOLVEMENT OF THE SWIMMER.  After you have had the opportunity to discuss any differences of opinion, it is important that you support the decisions made by the coach and that you support team policies as well.



PARENTS ARE PART OF THE TEAM!  Age group swimming is unique in that it involves the entire family.  The purpose of this part of the handbook is to discuss what you, as the swimming parents, can do to best support our swimmers and this program. Your commitment is important.  The obligations are many, but the rewards far outweigh any sacrifice on your part.




  1. Assure that your child’s membership fees are paid in full by the beginning of the month.
  2. Provide/arrange for transportation to each practice session and meets.  Coaches are NOT allowed to give rides to events.  Encourage consistent participation and assure punctual attendance.
  3. Provide an environment that focuses on health, rest, and nutrition.
  4. Provide your child with encouragement and moral support for his/her hard work at practice and for his/her performance at meets. 
  5. Keep yourself informed of activities by attending meetings.
  6. Be aware of meet registration deadlines!
  7. It is the responsibility of the parents to run each facet of the home meets. You will be asked to actively participate at each meet.




Swimmers MUST attend at least one scheduled practice the week of a meet in order to swim in that meet.


WHAT TO BRING TO A MEET—All practice items along with the team suit and cap.  If the meet is an invitational, may want to bring a lawn chair, sleeping bag, pillow, word puzzles, etc.  Remember that meets are a great opportunity to get involved with your child’s swim team by timing or helping out.


HOME MEETS can last anywhere from 1-3 hours, depending on the number of children swimming and how well the meet is run.  Listed here are the responsibilities and job assignments.  We need:

            1.  6-7 timers (one of these the head timer)

            2.  1 runner

            3.  1 clerk of course (help guide athletes to events)

            4. 2 Daktronics Timing & Scoring operators (training involved)

            5.  1-2 families for set up & clean up


Be prepared to work at the meets, and please make yourself available if someone else doesn’t show up.  Help is always needed!


INVITATIONALS are multi-team meets usually held over a 1-3 day period.  For any invitational we attend, you will receive a list of events for your swimmer to choose which events he/she wants to swim.  The events, along with entry fee payment, must be returned to the coach by the deadline specified.  The coach will choose relays depending on the number of swimmers that are registered for the invitational.  Coach has final approval of events.

Upon arrival at any meet, please have your swimmer check-in with the coach.  Remind your swimmers of their responsibility to PAY ATTENTION and to BE WHERE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE so that they do not get “scratched” from their events—a very disappointing experience for them, their coaches, and their parents.


Meet results at invitationals, conference, and state are usually posted in a hallway near the competition for parents to view during the meet. Many meets offer Meet Mobile as a source of heat sheets, and event winners. This is an APP paid for on your phone. Awards will also be sent home with the coach to distribute later.  There are times when awards will be mailed to the team.  Your swimmers will receive their awards as soon as possible.




  1. Be to practice on time, be ready to get in the pool with goggles on and adjusted, and stay for the entire practice.  You should be on deck 10 minutes before practice to begin stretching.  TARDINESS IS DISRUPTIVE!
  2. Attend as many practices as possible during the week, and always try your hardest.
  3. No horseplay, fighting or arguing in the pool, locker room, or hallway outside the pool area.  Use appropriate behavior at all times.
  4. Take care of pool equipment, locker rooms, as well as away team’s pools and locker rooms