ZSC Newsletter for the Week of 9/9-9/15

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This Week’s Events

  • Week two of Technique Clinics is this week.  Details below
    • Short Axis Strokes: Breast and Fly along with coordinating starts and turns
  • Our vendor, Elsmore, will be on-site, Thursday, September 19 from 5:00-7:00pm for team suit fittings, equipment purchases, etc
  • We will be offering another clinic on Saturday, September 21st with former Zionsville Swim Club swimmer Kyle DeCoursey along with Micah Bohan!  Details below
  • Meet sign up for SSC Swim Fest is now open. 

Upcoming Practice Schedule Change

  • Age Group practice will resume September 16th 
  • Saturday practices will begin on October 12th
  • For the first two weeks, all Junior squads will end at 8:00pm

Meet Information

  • Southeastern Swim Club Swim Fest – October 5th & 6th
    • Sign up is now open and will close at midnight, next Monday, September 16
    • All ZSC swimmers are eligible to participate. Senior Squad members should do this meet OR the Nashville meet in October, but not both. First year swimmers can swim if you choose, but it is not recommended as your first competition.
    • NO AGE GROUP PRACTICE on meet days (Saturday, October 6th)
  • Carmel Fall Frenzy – Nov 1st – 3rd
    • Sign up will open as soon as we receive the entry file from Carmel Swim Club.  The signup will close and will close at midnight, next Monday, September 23
    • NO AGE GROUP PRACTICE on meet days (Friday and Saturday, November 1st and 2nd)
  • Age Group Short Course Meet Schedule is on the website
  • Senior Short Course Meet Schedule is on the website

Technique Clinics

  • Can’t wait until September 16th to get back in the water?
  • We will be hosting Technique Clinics for Evolution and Junior squad members:
    • September 10-11-12
      • Short Axis Strokes: Breast and Fly along with coordinating starts and turns
      • Evolution 5:45pm-6:45pm
      • Junior 6:45pm-7:45pm
    • Login and Visit Team Events on our Home Page to sign-up
  • $45 per athlete for 3 days  - no discount for missed days
  • Limit to first 40 swimmers in each timeslot

Elements of Speed Clinic

  • We will be offering an Elements of Speed Clinic with Kyle DeCoursey and Micah Bohon
  • Kyle:
    • 2 time World Championships gold medalist 
    • 8th fastest relay performer in history 
    • National Junior Team member 
    • High school All-American 
    • 4 time high school record holder 
  • Micah:
    • 3 time NCAA All-American
    • 2 time SEC Champion
    • 5 time Tennessee Top 10
    • Phillips 66 National Champion
    • Olympic Trials qualifier in 3 events
  • If you have multiple swimmers, please fill out a separate signup for each swimmer under the appropriate age.
    • $35 per athlete 
    • 13 and Overs on Saturday, September 21, 8:30am-11:00am
    • 12 and Unders on Saturday, September 21, 11:30am-2:00pm
      • Not recommended for 1st year Foundation swimmers
  • Limit to first 40 swimmers each group
  • $35 will be invoiced to your account and will be automatically billed to your card or bank account on file with Team Unify on October 1st.

New Swimmer FAQs


Q – When does practice start?

A – Age Group practice starts Monday, September 16.

Q – What is the difference between “Age Group” and “Senior” swimmers?

A – USA Swimming and ZSC refer to swimmers that are aged 14 and under as Age Group swimmers. Senior swimmers typically refer to high school aged swimmers (15 and up).

Q - What if I’m not sure my swimmer will like it?

A - You have a 2 week trial period (September 30) to decide whether or not your swimmer is going to commit to the club. After the 2 week trial period, you are obligated to pay 100% of your swimmers’ fees for the season (Seasonal for Evolution 3 & 4/Foundation or Year-Round for Evolution 1 & 2/Junior/Senior).

Q – How long is the swim season?

A – That depends. Our entry-level squads (Evolution 3 & 4/Foundation) are seasonal and set up in 3-month seasons (Sep-Dec, Dec-Mar, Apr-Jul).  Swimmers indicate their intention to return for each season. All other squads (Evolution 1 & 2/Junior/Senior) are year-round (Sep-Jul).

Q – What is “Short Course season” and “Long Course season?”

A – Short Course and Long Course refer to the length of the swimming pool used in competitions. From September to the middle of March is Short Course season. Competitions are held in 25 yard pools and races are measured in Short Course Yards (SCY).  Long Course season runs from mid-April through mid-to-late July.

Long Course competitions are held in 50 meter pools and races are measured in Long Course Meters (LCM). Zionsville Swim Club practices at the Zionsville High School Aquatic Center which has a Short Course pool.  Additional space is used at Pike High School’s Aquatics Center during Short Course season to accommodate additional swimmers.  In the summer, we do some training at Azionaqua, which is close to a Long Course pool.

Q – Should my swimmer attend all of the practices?

A – Practices are not mandatory, so your swimmer should attend the amount of practices that fits best into your family’s schedule. But we like to say, the more you attend, the better you will get, the more fun it becomes!  Your swimmer will get to know teammates better, gain endurance, and have more opportunities to focus on stroke, turn, and start technique if they consistently make practices. Practice attendance recommended per squad is spelled out in Squad Descriptions on our website

Q – Should I drop off my swimmer and leave or stay and watch practice?

A – You can drop off your swimmer. Rather than dropping your swimmer off at the curb, we encourage you to park your car and walk your swimmer to the door of the aquatic center.  Please do not drop off more than 15 minutes before swim practice.  You are also welcome to watch your swimmer’s practice from the balcony seating. Parents are not allowed on the pool deck for liability and safety reasons. If your swimmer needs to be dropped off early or stay late to wait for siblings, your swimmer will need to be supervised by an adult.  At the conclusion of each practice, the coaches are no longer responsible for the safety of your children. We ask that all athletes be picked up at the conclusion of their practice and are not left waiting around the building unsupervised. Athletes that are left unsupervised may be subject to fine and/or suspension from the team.

Q – Where does my swimmer go for practice?

A – Swimmers enter the pool deck through locker rooms. Each squad has a designated meeting place for practice. Swimmers should be dressed for dryland (see next FAQ), bring their bags with them, and report to their coach.

Q – What is dryland?

A – Strength training, stretching, and aerobic activity all help us to develop better athletes and swimmers. Most days, 30 minutes at the start of each squad’s practice is dedicated to dryland activity out of the water.  Examples of dryland activities include running, pushups, pull-ups, squats, stairs, medicine balls, and resistance bands. Swimmers should come to practice in comfortable workout clothes and sneakers. It is suggested they have their swimsuit on underneath so they can transition quickly from dryland to the pool.

Q – I need to ask the coach/my swimmer a question during practice.

A – Please do not talk to your swimmer or the coach during practice. The swimmers need to pay attention to what the coach is telling them and the coaches need to give 100% of their attention to the swimmers. Coaches are usually available after practice in the pool lobby or via email to answer your questions.

Q – Are there lifeguards on the pool deck?

A - Yes, there are lifeguards on the pool deck. They, and all of our coaches, are certified in CPR.

Q – Where do we purchase ZSC swim suits and caps?

A – Elsmore is our team apparel provider. They will come set up a shop at our pool for swimsuit fittings and orders two days in late September/early October and again one day in April at the start of Long Course Season.  Stay tuned for specific dates. All swimmers will receive one free latex ZSC swim cap upon initially joining the club.  Members will be responsible for purchasing all replacement caps.  We will periodically coordinate group orders with our vendor for caps with the swimmer’s last name on the side.  Members are responsible for paying the vendor.  Further requests for latex ($5) or silicone ($12) caps can be made directly to the coaches during the season and the charge will be applied to your monthly bill.

Q – What are Championship meets and does my swimmer qualify?

A – During the season, swimmers are working to qualify for end of Short Course and Long Course Championship meets.  The two main Championship meets that swimmers qualify for are the Divisional meet and/or State (Age Group or Senior) meets.  Qualifying times are set each year by Indiana Swimming and get more difficult to achieve as swimmers age up.  Qualifying times are grouped by 10 and Under, 11-12, and 13-14.  Most recent time standards can be found on the Indiana Swimming Time Standards website.  It is helpful for young swimmers to look at the cuts for Divisional times as a first major goal.  More elite swimmers can move on to qualify for Zones, Speedo Sectional, Jr. National, or Olympic Trial events.


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