The Alligator Aquatics Swim Club, founded in 1978, is known throughout the country as a first-class, year round swim program. We offer a guided age-group youth program for children age 5 and up, from the beginning swimmer to the most competitive and skilled swimmer.

Alligator Aquatics is a private, year-round, USA Swimming program solely supported by membership fees and the fundraising efforts of our members. We are a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit corporation that is chartered under the statute for the State of Illinois and the Federal government. It has been awarded this exempted status as an educational and charitable organization.

The purpose of the organization is to encourage and support a program designed to promote competitive swimming in the Chicago Metropolitan Area. The primary goal is to encourage the competitive swimming activities of members through training and competition, thereby fostering sportsmanship, self-discipline and Character, to provide opportunities to learn sportsmanship and team cooperation and to provide opportunities to learn good health habits.

The mission of  the organization  We are a swim club that values integrity and strong values. We are committed to excellence in the pool and out. Every level of our program seeks these same goals. We strive to help instill healthy life skills, coping skills, good sportsmanship, honesty, discipline, teamwork and the desire for excellence. We look to lead by example.

When a young person becomes a member of Alligator Aquatics, he/she learns the values of sportsmanship and team work. Swimming, with the Alligators, provides physical, emotional and intellectual skills that will last a lifetime.

The team philosophy is encompassed in the words COURAGE and PERSEVERANCE.

COURAGE is the willingness to accept risk(s) and endure failings. Courage does not exist unless there is a situation that presents the opportunity for success. We encourage our athletes to embrace these opportunities and not fear the outcome. 

PERSEVERANCE is the backbone of success in any endeavor in life. One cannot succeed at the highest levels without enduring some set-backs. These difficult times can create a lack of faith, low self-esteem, and an obvious drop in enthusiasm. Perseverance is the quality that transcends these difficult times. It allows the individual to find the true strength of their character. 

Alligator Aquatics believes that COURAGE and PERSEVERANCE developed by swimming will prepare the individual for the challenges they will face in life.