Illinois Swimming
Level 3

Alligator Aquatics Swimming offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is the goal of Alligator Swimming to offer age-specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual and developing each individual to the best of THEIR abilities.

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Green Gators: This group is for swimmers 5-8 years old that can swim 25 yards of Freestyle and Backstroke as well as 9 year-old swimmers that are new to swimming and are not yet able to swim 50 yards of Freestyle and Backstroke.There will be 2 X 30minute practices a week focusing on developmental swim team skills.  Practices will be 85% stroke correction,15% training and a great deal of FUN!!

Training objectives:

  • acclimation to a team environment, reading the pace clock and training habits
  • Correct/legal Freestyle with rotary breathing
  • Correct/legal Backstroke
  • Legal Breaststroke kick
  • Legal Butterfly kick
  • USA swimming start certification if intending to swim in any meets

Equipment needed: Practice swimsuit, Alligator cap, kickboard, goggles (2 pair)

Silver Gators: This group is for 7-9 year-old swimmers that are able to complete 50 yards of Freestyle and Backstroke, as well as a 25 of Breaststroke and 25 of Butterfly Kick.  There will be 3 X 40-minute practices a week focusing on 30% training and 70% stroke technique and training etiquette.

Training Objectives:

  • Legal Breastroke and Butterfly
  • Understanding of stroke drills for all 4 strokes
  • Understanding and ability to use the pace clock
  • USA swimming start certification - must pass to attend meets

Performance targets:

  • Swim 100 IM and 100 free legally
  • Swim 6 X 50 Free on a set time
  • Swim 6 X 50 Back on a set time
  • Kick 16 X 25 on a set time
  • Kick a 100 IM legally

Equipment needed: practice swimsuit, Alligator suit and cap for meets, kickboard and goggles (2 pair). (Recommended: fins)

Gold Gators: This group is for 9-11 year-old swimmers that can swim all four strokes legally,100 free with rotary breathing, 50 Back and 50 Breast legally.  The focus of this group is age group appropriate conditioning. Progression through this group takes a swimmer from solid age group practices to more focused, age group competitive conditioning. This group will focus 40% on technique and 60% on training. Swimmers are expected to commit to training on a regular basis - averaging 4-5 (1.25hour) practices a week.

Training objectives:

  • interval training
  • Increased knowledge of drill progression
  • Strengthening of kick skills
  • improved training and competitive skills
  • 200 IM continuous with proper turns
  • legal turns in all strokes

Performance Targets:

  • 200 IM for time
  • 200 free for time
  • 10 X 50 @1:00
  • 5 X 100 IM @ 2:00
  • 10 X 50 Kick @ 1:15
  • 500 free under 9:00

Equipment needed: Alligator suit and cap for meets, practice swimsuit, goggles (2 pair), kickboard, pullbuoy, water bottle (recommended: fins)

Blue Gators: This group is for 11-13 year-old swimmers that can swim all four strokes legally.  This group focus on  50% conditioning and 50% technique. Swimmers are expected to attend 4-5 (1.5 hours) practices a week including 2-3 dryland practices Meets participation is required. The goal is to prepare swimmers for HS swimming.  

Training objectives:

  • Conditioning focused on 100's of all r strokes
  • Aerobic endurance
  • Increased dryland with core development and shoulder strengthening.
  • Accountability for a quality practice as an individual and as a group.

Performance Targets:

  • 8 x 100 Free @ 1:45
  • 5 X 100 IM @1:50
  • 4  X 200 IM @ 4:00
  • 10 X 50 K @1:05
  • 500 Free under 8:30
  • Achieve Regionals and Age Group State cuts

Equipment needed:  Alligator suit and cap for meets, practice swimsuit, goggles (2 pair), fins, mesh bag, pull buoy, paddles, kickboard, snorkel, water bottle.  (Recommended:  resistance bands)

Senior 1 Group: This group is for 13-17 years old that can swim all four strokes competitively.  This group will work on advanced conditioning and stroke techniques.  Training at this level ranges from HS conditioning to more advanced overall training, and swimmers will practice at an appropriate level for their ability. The focus of this group is to prepare swimmers for HS and college swimming. Senior swimmers are encouraged to attend as many practices as possible, however, a minimum of 3 a week is required. We offer 6 (1.75 hours) practices a week. Additionally there will be 3 dryland practices.  Meet participation is required.

Training Objectives:

  • Focus on 100's and 200's of all strokes
  • Increased aerobic and dryland training
  • A wider range of training working towards individual goals based on individual commitment

Performance objectives:

  • 10 x 100 Free @ 1:30
  • 5 X 200 IM @ 3:30
  • 500 free under 7:00
  • Kick 20 X 50 Free @ 1:00
  • Qualify for Regionals, State and Sectionals

Equipment needed:  

For all meets: Alligator suit, Alligator drag suit (boys), and Alligator cap(s). 

For training: practice suit(s), goggles (2 pair) , mesh bag, fins, snorkel, paddles, pull buoy, kickboard, water bottle, girls - extra workout suit 1 size bigger for drag suit,  (Recommended: resistance bands)


Senior 2 Group:  HEAD COACH approval required. Age 13 and over having demonstrated a history of training integrity, self-discipline, and a positive work ethic. 90%attendance is required, Swimming MUST have long term goals for HS and Collegiate swimming - and a willingness to work towards them. They must show leadership to the Alligator team as a whole. Championship meet attendance is required. 

Training objectives:

  • To be the best you can be in the pool and out
  • Eagerness to push limits and reach high goals
  • 0% negativity
  • Willingness to hold teammates accountable, and to be held accountable to the group's goals.

Performance Targets:

  • T-30
  • 10 X 100 Free @1:15(W) 1:10 (M)
  • 5 X 200 IM @ 2:40(W) 2:30(M)
  • K 5 X 100 @1:45
  • 500 Free under 5:40(W) 5:15(M)
  • Qualify for Senior States, Sectionals Nations and College Swimming
  • Attend the highest level of competition possible

Equipment needed:

For all meets: Speedo racing suit or Speedo Alligator suit, Alligator drag suit (boys) and Alligator cap.

For training: practice suits (2- on at every practice), goggles (2 pair), snorkel, mesh bag, fins, kickboard, paddles, pull buoy, water bottle, (Recommended: resistance bands)



Please Note ~ Swimmers age as of June 1st (LCM season) or December 1st (SCY season) determines level placement. Level changes within the season are allowed ONLY with Head Coach approval.  Fees will be adjusted accordingly. Each returning swimmer must register in the level assigned by the Head Coach. New athletes, please sign up for the level that best suits your child.  If you are unsure which level is most appropriate, please contact Head Coach to discuss, email All swimmers will be reviewed during the first week of practice to assure their group placement is a good fit.


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