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2020 Alligator Fundraiser -Help Keep Dreams Alive
Every Drop in the "Pool" Counts!!!
NOV 28
Time: 12:00 AM
Mary Ruffin Email
Please join us for our 2020 team fundraiser. All joining together to help us raise $50,000 in these extraordinary times.

We are seeking funds to cover the costs of
additional pool time required to run practices that meet the COVID19 guidelines that restrict the number of swimmers per lane and the total natatorium occupancy. Additionally, we need to make up for lost revenue resulting from the cancellation of our annual Summer, fall and winter meets.

Alligator Alumni and current families- we need you!! Any amount will help.

Swimmers can even help by receiving donations from family members, friends and neighbors.
Participants | Rank 0/121
$700.00 Ashley Oiler
$500.00 Defne Paul
$500.00 Van Paul
$500.00 Olivia Klancnik