Indiana Swimming
Level 2

If you are 18 or over and have an interest in helping your club, helping the swimmers, or learning the rules of competitive swimming we offer a class which is part of the certification process. If interested in getting your certification, email us at or when you are at the pool let one of the coaches or board members know of your interest and we will try to arrange a class to suit your schedule.

Requirements for being a stroke & turn official (level 2):

  • Approximately 4 hours of your time for the class & on-deck practice
  • Pass an online, multiple choice, open book test
  • Complete & turn in the non-athlete registration form available below
  • Apprentice for 4 sessions
  • Work 6 sessions per year

Forms for renewing your credential:

Current officials: Once you’ve worked your sessions for the current year, complete and place  your Non-athlete registration form ino the Treasurer's folder in the rolling file cabinet at the pool.