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ACST Short Course Calendar 2019/2020

Developmental/Bronze Prep (Learn to Swim Program)

2019 Fall/Winter Developmental Team Calendar (Learn-to-Swim) Updated 8/7/2019

Age Group Team Practice Schedule - Bronze/Silver/Championship
August - Age Group Calendar
September - Age Group Calendar
October - Age Group Calendar
November - Age Group Calendar
December - Age Group Calendar
January - Age Group Calendar
February - Age Group Calendar
March - Age Group Calendar

Senior Team Practice Schedule
August - Senior Calendar
September - Senior Calendar

October - Senior Calendar (includes first two weeks of November for boys only)
February - Senior Calendar
March - Senior Calendar

Masters Group Practice Schedule
August - Masters Calendar
September - Masters Calendar
October - Masters Calendar
November - Masters Calendar
December - Masters Calendar
January - Masters Calendar
February - Masters Calendar
March - Masters Calendar
Team Events Calendars
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