Indiana Swimming
Level 2

How does the Developmental Team (Swim Lesson) program work?  The Developmental Team is a month-to-month program for children to grow more comfortable in the water and to start learning the 4 basic swim strokes; freestyle (crawl), backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.  

How will my child be placed in a group?  In order to determine the appropriate group for your swimmer, you must attend one of our Evaluation nights (please see our calendar tab for a complete listing of Evaluations).  Based upon your child's demonstrated skill level during this evaluation, our coach will place your child in a group with other swimmers with similar capabilities.  We are aware that some children are nervous or timid during their evaluation and if it is determined that their ability level exceeds the initial placement, your child will be moved to the appropriate group during the first week of classes.

What do we need to bring for try-outs?  For try-outs, your swimmer should be come prepared to get in the water and demonstrate their swim abilities.  Therefore it is recommended that your swimmer brings a suit (one piece for girls), towel, goggles and cap if preferred or for longer hair.

How much will it cost for my child to participate? There is an upfront fee for insurance and a monthly fee for coaching.  The monthly coaching fee is $75 and is to be paid prior to or on the first day of the swim session by registering online.  Insurance:  The Learn-to-Swim insurance is $10 and will be included in your first registration of the season.  This fee is then renewed annually.  

How will I know when my child is ready to move up to the next group?  Our program is fluid - meaning that as your child masters the skill sets of their existing group they will move onto the next group - even if the session has not been completed.  Swimmers progress at their own rate rather than being pushed or held back by the abilities of other swimmers.  This allows for individualized coaching within a small group format.  In addition, your child will receive an evaluation at the end of each monthly session.  Instructors will provide comments on how your child’s swimming is progressing there will also be a recommendation for what group your child will be in during the next monthly session.  When your child is getting close to being ready to join the competitive team, you will be given notice and will have an opportunity to gather more information regarding the time and financial commitment for the competitive team and can begin evaluating if this is an option to consider for your swimmer.

Will my child receive an evaluation from his instructor at the end of the session?  Yes, each of the swimmers will be given a written evaluation at the end of each session.

What is required for my child to join the competitive team?  In order to join the competitive team, your swimmer must demonstrate the ability to swim all 4 of the basic swim strokes.  This can be accomplished by successful completion of the Developmental Team requirements or arrangements can be made for an in pool try-out session where the Coach will assess your swimmer’s current abilities.  If you feel your child may meet the requirements for our competitive team, you may request an evaluation by emailing [email protected] 

What if my child is recommended to move to the Bronze group and we are not interested in joining the competitive team?  Can my child continue swimming in the Developmental team program?  There is limited space available in the Developmental Team program, once it is recommended that your child is ready to move to the competitive team they will no longer be able to participate in the Developmental Team.  If participation on a competitive team is not something your child is ready or interested in pursuing, there may be other local programs available that would allow them the opportunity to continue swimming.

What if we are unable to attend several practices during a particular session?  The Developmental Team is a month-to-month program and therefore you are free to decide to participate during all months it’s being offered or you can choose to skip a month if you don’t feel your swimmer will be available for enough of the month to benefit from participation.  The fee for the month is set at $75 and is not pro-rated based on your swimmer’s attendance at each practice.  In some instances, special fee arrangements may be made due to ACST scheduling conflicts or holidays that may result in a particular session being shorter than the typical 4 week session.

Will my child be expected to participate in meets?  In general, the swimmers participating in the Developmental Team will not be permitted to participate in competitive swim meets.  Some exceptions may be made for swimmers who are in Bronze Prep and are close to moving up to the competitive team and whose coach feels they would benefit from meet participation.  In order to participate in a meet, the swimmer must be covered by the USA Swimming membership insurance rather than the Learn-to-Swim insurance.  

What is the process to sign-up for the Developmental Team?  You can register your child(ren) online through the link provided on our home page.   Swimmers new to our program should attend our Evaluation night for placement.  Returning swimmers will have an opportunity to sign up for the next session once the registration has been opened. If you are unsure if your swimmer will be advancing to the next group, please register into their current group.  Our Developmental team will move them once final placements have been set.

Who do I contact for more information on the Developmental Team?  Information on the Developmental Team is available on the ACST website at  You may also contact the Coordinator for the Developmental Team.