Indiana Swimming
Level 2

Learn to Swim Curriculum

These one-on-one lessons are designed to meet the needs of beginning swimmers who are acclimated to water and ready to begin learning competitive strokes. These lessons also serve those who want to explore swimming but who are not ready for the commitment of a fully competitive group, and those athletes who are preparing to become competitive swimmers. Athletes in each session of this group will have the opportunity to swim one-on-one with an instructor for 1/2 hour 1 day per week for 4 weeks.



  • At least 5 years old
  • Comfortable in the water (no crying or screaming) must be willing to get in the water without hanging onto the instructor
  • Must be able and willing to hold onto the wall, or sit on the side of the pool while the instructor is working with another swimmer.


  • submerge mouth, eyes and nose
  • exhale under water
  • float on front
  • float on back
  • roll from front to back
  • flutter kick with a kick board
  • flutter kick streamline on back
  • basic freestyle stroke cycle
  • basic backstroke stroke cycle
  • jump into pool, turn around, swim back to the wall and climb out of pool on own
  • streamline on front and back off wall
  • breathing to the side
  • swim using alternating arm and leg actions unsupported
  • learn to swim 25 yards (pool length) both freestyle and backstroke