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Boilermaker Aquatics has two main training and competition seasons per year -- Short Course season, which begins in September and runs through the following March, and Long Course Season, which begins in April and runs through the end of July.

Registration periods will occur in March/April and August. New families wishing to join BA will need to have any interested athletes evaluated by BA coaches prior to registering for the program. This allows coaches to ensure athletes are placed in appropriate training groups for their skills and goals.

Boilermaker Aquatics will be holding evaluations for new members for the upcoming short course swim season in August. Evaluations are currently scheduled for Wednesday, August 16, 2023 at West Lafayette High School and Wednesday, August 23, 2023 at West Lafayette High School. Evaluations will run from 6:30 - 8:00 pm each evening.

Each evaluations will take approximately 15 minutes. Families should sign up for one evaluation slot per athlete. Evaluations slots are listed by age range. Please ensure you sign your athlete up for the correct time slot for their age. If your child has a birthday coming up in the next 60 days that will push them into the next age group, please sign them up for the next age group. There will be multiple evaluation slots during each 15 minute evaluation window, based on the number of BA coaches available. Please follow the steps below to secure an evaluation for your athlete(s) interested in joining BA. 

Step #1: Please go to our Sign-Up Genius to reserve a slot. **In the comments space, please tell us your athlete's name and their age in parentheses. For example: Jonathan (7). One athlete per slot.

If no slots remain, email Team Administrator Jordan Bonfitto at [email protected].

Step #2: Arrive a little early for your time slot!

If attending evaluations at West Lafayette High School: the entrance to the pool is on the south side of West Lafayette high School, up the staircase that is fartherst from Grant Street. The outside of the pool building is labeled "Richard Wachs Aquatics Center."

If attending evaluations at Harrison High School: the entrance to the pool is on the southeast side of the building. You will drive past the tennis courts and up a small hill to a back parking lot. Enter through the double doors and proceed straight back to the pool entrance. 

Step #3: Our professional coaching staff will be there to greet you and perform your child's in-water skills assessment.

Step #4: One of our staff members will provide feedback on your child's skillset and either make a recommendation for one of our 8 training groups or perhaps recommend additional instruction via private or group lessons.

Step #5: If recommended for one of our training groups, please go to online registration at On the main page (under the scrolling banner) click the 2023 LCM Registration Button to start the process. During online registration, the website will list you groups that are currently available to register for. If your child's recommended group is not available, there are no more spaces available in that group and we are happy to put your athlete on a waitlist. Email [email protected] to be added to the waitlist for your child's recommended training group.

Sign Up for a New Athlete Evaluation!


Do we have to attend New Member Evaluations?

Everyone who joins the program is evaluated by our coaching staff prior to joining. Our staff is made up of local professionals, and we want to get the group placement for your child correct!
What happens during an evaluation?
An evaluation is an approximately 10-minute process which allows the child/athlete to demonstrate their skills and comfort level in the water. Our coaches can make an introduction and possibly answer a couple questions about the program.

What does my child need to bring to the evaluation? 

​Each swimmer will need to bring Goggles and a Towel. A swim cap is recommended for those children with longer hair. Locker rooms will not be available, so please make sure that your child's swimsuit is already on prior to entering the facility. 

What skills/abilities does my child need to be able to join the team?

Our minimum requirements for athletes under the age of 10 include 25 yards of comfortable, continuous freestyle and 25 yards of comfortable, continuous backstroke. For athletes age 11+, athlets should be able to swim 50 yards each of comfortable, continuous freestyle and backstroke. Swimmers should be able to swim comfortably, without stopping, and with good breathing mechanics (especially on freestyle). On either stroke, the body should be mostly at the surface. 

Of course, our more advanced groups are available to those who can perform more strokes and skills. We will always make a recommendation for the group we believe your child can thrive in!

What if my child isn't ready yet? 

We have other options! If your child isn't quite ready yet to join the team, our coaches will recommend swim lessons (group or private) at several local locations to help prepare your budding swimmer to join the team at a later date.