Indiana Swimming
Level 3

BA Officials Clinic - Oct 24, 6-8pm, Harrison High School

Alex Jerden



BA Parents,

We are in need of parents becoming officials - and what better way to see if it is for you than to attend the Stroke and Turn Clinic coming up TODAY.

Becoming one means you are joining a tremendous group of parent volunteers in this state who have given back to the sport for years, many after their kids have moved on from swimming! 

Here's what two officials throughout the state have to say about their experiences...

"I want to show my support and demonstrate to my children that I will help them anyway I am able to so that they may chase their dreams and passions.  In this case I volunteered to become an official because I realized without officials and coaches there would be no swimming competitions.   Sometimes those long days at the pool are draining but seeing my children and their friends enjoying themselves is the reward." - David Schotting, Southern Indiana

"For the parents that aren’t sure they want to be officials, try it.  If you want to make a difference in the swimmers lives, then become an official.  We help them learn the strokes so they don’t get DQ’d. As an official, I have met officials from all over the country.  We become family and feel like a family.  We are all there for one reason, to keep the playing field fair and watch the swimmers achieve their goals." - Barb Chambers, Indiana Swimming Legendary Official (she officiated many of MY meets 15 years ago!)  

Parents can become officials initially with a Stroke & Turn Certification or Admin Certification. Below is info about a clinic offered next Thursday by our previous club Referee, Justin Monger - who is now at Noblesville Swim Club. 

Please consider attending and consider becoming an official for BA!

When: October 24, 6-8pm

Where: Harrison High School K107 (East side of building, close to the pool)