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2018-2019 Short Course Fee Schedule

Jul 26, 2018


Boilermaker Aquatics Fee Schedule 2018-2019 Short Course




At Registration/Oct/Nov/Dec/Jan

Short Course Season

One Time Payment

Paid at Registration

Apollo or Enterprise






Age Group




Age Group Gold



Age Group Black



Senior Gold^



Senior Black^




High School Prep


$105 $290


High school students swimming for their high school teams can choose the installment option based on three payments. These installments will be billed at registration, October, and November.

Senior Gold Installments: $185    Senior Gold High School Swimmer One Time Payment: $515

Senior Black Installments: $215    Senior Black High School Swimmer One Time Payment: $600


Additional fees and information:

1. USA Swimming Fee $70.00 for all Swimmers (2019 Year: Jan.-Dec.)

2. Registration fee $30 one time per family per year 

3. $125 Volunteer deposit per family per season.  Refundable at the end of season depending on how many points worked.

4. Multi-swimmer family discount available as follows:

                5% discount for 2 swimmers

                7% discount for 3 swimmers

                10% discount for 4 or more swimmers

5. Swimmers can withdraw within the first 2-week trial period with refund of all fees except the registration fee, but after that you are responsible for the full fees for the entire season. No refunds will be given.

6.  Families are responsible for any meet fees throughout the season.