Indiana Swimming
Level 3

Boilermaker Aquatics Fee Schedule -- 2023 LCM Season



At this time, groups have limited capacity based on training environment. 

4 Payment Installments (Registration, May, June, July)

One time payment

(Save ~7%)

Enterprise 1 or 2 (Ages 10&U)



Foundations (Ages 10&U)



Launchpad (Ages 11-14)



Age Group White (Ages 11-14(



Age Group Gold (Ages 11-14)



Age Group Black (Ages 11-14)



Senior Gold (Ages 15-18)   Club Only Swimmer



Senior Black (Ages 15-18) Club Only Swimmer



***3 Payments Only covering 4 Months. Payments due at Registration, September, and October 

Additional fees and Information:

  1. Boilermaker Aquatics T-shirts are not included in registration. There will be an option to purchase all 3 shirts at once or individually through our website:

  2. Meet Support Deposit: $150 due at registration. Full refundable/credited to your account if volunteer requirements are met. Partial credit may be given at a rate of $50 per point. Families that fail to meet minimum required meet support shifts will be charged $50 per unearned point.

  3. USA Swimming Membership: If you already registered for Full membership between September 1, 2022 and now, no membership fees are required as your current membership expires Dec 31, 2023.  If you did not register last fall, you will need to register for a USA Swimming membership ($85) which expires Dec 31, 2023. 

  4. Registration fee: $30 one time per family per season

  5.  Late Fee: A fee of $10 will be added to the account if the account is carrying an invoice balance by the 21st of each month at 12am of the billing cycle. Invoice payments are due the 20th of each month. 

  6.  Multi-swimmer family discount available as follows:

5% discount for 2 swimmers

7% discount for 3 swimmers

10% discount for 4 or more swimmers

  1. Swimmers can withdraw within the first 2-week trial period with refund of all fees except the registration fee, but after the 2-week trial, you are responsible for the full fees for the entire season. No refunds will be given.

  2. Families are responsible for any meet fees throughout the season. Meet fees are assessed per event (anywhere from $4-15 per event) and accompanied by an $2 Indiana Swimming Surcharge per swimmer. In some cases, when swimming at the IUPUI Natatorium, for instance, there is a small facility usage fee per swimmer.  

  3. Coaches cannot receive check payments at the pool. Checks must be mailed to:

    1. Boilermaker Aquatics, P.O. Box 2782, West Lafayette, IN 47906

  4. Fees are considered practice or coaching fees that are on a one-time schedule that terminates at the end of the season. If a swimmer misses practice(s), those practices cannot be made up by attending other groups or by coming in on days when an athlete’s group does not practice.