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Five Days of Giving

Boilermaker Aquatics' Fall Fundraiser is our annual big fundraising push to provide all-over support for the work we do year-round. This year, we're holding Five Days of Giving, during which we'll connect with family, friends, and local businesses to encourage them to join the BA Family as a donor or sponsor. Funds raised during Five Days of Giving will support the club's overall expenses -- facility fees, staff training/development, scholarship funds, and keeping club dues down for athlete families.

Each athlete on the team plays a vital role in the overall health and stability of our club. To support your athlete in hitting his or her fundraising goal, Boilermaker Aquatics has put together a selection of helpful information, both for parents and athletes, along with sample language that can help your familky get a jumpstart on recruiting donors and sponsors to support Five Days of Giving.


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How to Get Started

Step 1: Set Up Your Athlete(s) Fundraising Page

  • Log into your Team Unify account at
  • Go to the BA website homepage and click on the "TUMoney" tab (located in the black menu bar between "About BA" and "Community") or click on the Fundraising progress bar to reach our fundraising portal
  • Choose the athlete's name from the Participant drop down menu
  • Choose a photo. You can upload a generic photo from the options on the page, or for a more personal touch you can upload a photo of the athlete.
  • Update the athlete's fundraising message. Your athlete can write their own message, or you can copy and paste the message below into the "Message" box. Be sure to hit the green "Save" button to save your edits.
    • Sample Athlete Fundrasing Message:
      • I love being part of Boilermaker Aquatics. Every day I go to practice my coaches are there with a fun and challenging workout that aims to teach me something new, challenge a set of skills I already know, or a combination of the two. During practice I'm always preparing myself to be better at the next competition, and through working with my coaches and competing alongside my teammates, I know that's possible. Sometimes at compeition I also have to learn from my mistakes, and my coaches are there again to remind me that's where the growth happens. It's tough sometimes, but it makes me a better person, leader, and swimmer. The best part? I get to do all of this with my friends. We love to compete against each other and show up to the pool to make each other better. I hope to keep swimming with BA for a long time. Please help me make our club the best it can be by making a donation to help me reach my fundraising goal of raising $250 for my team. Donating is really simple. Just click the green "Please Donate" button above my picture and fill in the information. Any amount is greatly appreciated. Thank you for supporting me! 


Step 2: Invite People to Support You!

Ok, athletes -- this part is up to you! You've updated your fundraising page and an easy way for people near and far to support your efforts. Now you have to get the word out. You can email, text, make phone calls, ask in person or post on social media -- however you choose to talk to people, the strategy is the same!

  1. Share with them why you love BA and why it's important to you for the Club to be succcessful.
  2. Make the ask -- ask them if they would be willing to make a donation of any amount to help you reach your goal.
  3. Provide them with the information about how to donate (go to and click the fundraising progress bar above the main banner.) You can also collect "offline donations" (checks or cash) and give it to Coach Jordan to log into the fundraiser.
  4. Send a Thank You message, or even better -- a real thank you card  -- to anyone who donates on your behalf. This is an important step at the end of the fundraiser. Thank your donors and give them an update on how you progressed toward your goal. Thank them for supporting you and Boilermaker Aquatics.

Your Fundraising page also has some tools to help you share the information. Click on the red "Promote" tab. You can enter email addresses, or click the "Social" tab an click the Facebook graphic to launch a Facebook window, including a link directly to your Team Unify donation page, that you can post or send by direct message.


Step 3: Earn Prizes

Athletes can earn prizes for fundraising during Five Days of Giving. For every tier you reach during the next five days, you'll earn cumulative prizes that increase in value.

Five Days of Giving Prize Ladder

  • $200 -- Five Days of Giving Bag Tag
  • $500 -- BA Logo Croc Shoe Charm
  • $750 -- BA Logo Winter Hat
  • $1,000 -- Personalized (Your Name) BA Themed 30oz Insulated Water Bottle
  • $1,500 -- BA Logo Black Hoodie


2022 Five Days of Giving Digital Materials 

Athlete Potential Donor Brainstorm Worksheet

Sample Athlete Email Script to ask for Donations

Five Days of Giving Graphics for Social Media


Sample Social Media

  • [Athlete Name] is participating in Boilermaker Aquatics' Five Days of Giving campaign from November 7-11 to raise funds for their swim club. Funds raised will stay local and help support the athletic and personal development of more than 200 athletes in the Greater Lafayette community. Please help [Athlete Name] hit their goal by making a donation at before November 11!
  • The Boilermaker Aquatics Five Days of Giving campaign is underway! We've set a goal to raise $40,000 to support the club's vision to develop youth athletes in the pool, on land, with their team and in our community. You can help us get there by making a donation at from now until November 11!


Sponsorship is a great way for local businesses and community leaders to show their support for Boilermaker Aquatics. In exchange for sponsorship, Boilermaker Aquatics will recognize various levels of sponsorship in our communications, on our website, at meets, and even on team merchandise.

Recruit a new sponsor? As a way to say thank you and recognize your work on behalf the club, all new sponsorships of $1,000 or more will earn the recruiting family a statement credit on their team account worth 10% of the total sponsorship. Sponsorship statement credits can be used toward practice dues, meet fees, or team gear.

Sponsorship Materials

2022 Boilermaker Aquatics Sponsorship Packet

Parent Potential Sponsor Brainstorm Worksheet

Sample Phone Script to Make a Sponsorship Ask