BSC Open Swims

Current IDPH Guidelines for Tier 3 mitigations—wow there's a mouthful—do not allow for organized youth sports practices. They do, however, allow for open swims with 1 swimmer per lane and a lifeguard. BHS is allowing BSC to offer these Open Swims under these guidelines.

Several time slots for these Open Swims will be set up and families will be able to sign up on a weekly basis. Example: Swim times for 12/14-12/20 will be posted on Sunday 12/13 for sign-ups.

Open Swim Times will be for Senior, Junior and Mustang Teammates, for the time being.  Because it is an unguided training, we will not be able to offer time slots for Developmental, Colt or Pony swimmers at this time. We are working very hard at getting them back in the pool as soon as we can.

1.  All times are considered Open Swim times. The coaches are only allowed to be Lifeguards and cannot provide guided group instruction for the workouts. Athletes should plan to “coach themselves”.

2.  Workouts for that group will be posted on the scoreboard and teammates will need to do the workout on their own.

3.  Teammates may arrange to come together at the same time to make more of a practice feel. Teammates must sign up in advance, drop ins are not allowed.

4.  Please do not sign up for other group time slots, example Mustangs may not sign up for a Senior time slot.

5.  In the event that you cannot make your swim time– please notify coaches as soon as possible, so that others may sign up for those open spots.  Repeat offenders may be charged for open lanes that are not cancelled in a timely fashion or with sufficient notification.

6. High School Boys—You are allowed to sign up and come to BSC practices until HS Swimming resumes after January first.


This is a tremendously difficult time.  As your Head Coach I am doing everything I can to get as many athletes in the pool as often as we can.  We will continue to modify the way we do things to keep things as fair and equitable as we can.

Please reach out to your coaching staff if you need anything - thank you as always for your support.


Click Here For Senior and Mustang Team Sign Ups 12/9-11