5-1-20  3-2-1 Breaststroke Drill  Zoom Recording---Drill Video

5-8-20 Butterfly Drills Zoom Recording---Drill Video Head Position--Drill Video Full Body

5-15-20 Zoom Session Starts--Coach Bill Wadley coaching starts---Olympic Gold Medalist Cullen Jones Breakouts

5-29-20 Zoom Session--Back Starts  Example 1  Back Technique Example 2



Mustangs 4-20-20  Body Position

Mustangs 4-24-20  Open Turns

Mustangs 5-4-20 Breaststroke

Mustangs 5-8-20 Breaststroke part 2

Mustangs 5-15-20 Stretching

Mustangs 5-18-20 Aerobic Systems 

Mustangs 5-27-20  Race Tactics 400M Free

Mustang 5-29-20 Zoom



Seniors 4-27-20 Race Analysis Regan Smith 100/200Back 2019.  Weights with Coach Andy

Seniors 5-4-20 Race Analysis  Kate Ledeckey 2012 to 2016 Comparisons

Seniors 5-11-20 Race Analysis Michael Phelps 2000-2016 200 Fly

Seniors 5-18-20 Evoloution of Breastroke Technique 1976-1996-2016

Seniors 5-20-20 Nutrition Talk with Kylie McKenzie

Seniors 5-22-20 Yoga Zoom!!

Seniors 5-28-20 Senior-Junior Parent Zoom

Seniors 6-1-20 Caleb Dressel--different tools for LC vs. SC



4-22-20 Bill Bishop Senior Alumni Zoom


Workout Zooms

4-17-20 Yoga Zoom with Mrs. Brown

4-29-20 Senior Weight/Cross Training Organizational Zoom


Illinois Swimming Zooms--In Case You Missed It

Olympic Gold Medalist Olivia Smoliga--4-21-20

Olympic Gold Medalist Matt Grevers--4-28-20

Olympic Gold Medalist Ryan Held--5-5-20

Olympic Gold Medalist Kevin Cordes--5-12-20

Olympic Gold Medalist Kathleen Baker--5-19-20

Olympian Ben Kanute 5-26-20


Parent Zooms

5-27-20 Mustang Parent Zoom