BSC Club Management

Barrington Swim Club is a parent run non-profit corporation complete with duly elected board members and officers.  The board and officers are elected by the members each year at the annual meeting.  The annual meeting is usually held in conjunction with the spring swim banquet.


BSC Mission Statement

The purpose of the Club is to provide the organization and the spirit of a competitive swim team, in such a way as to make all swimmers feel good about themselves, grow as individuals and learn to effectively work with coaches and teammates in an environment where every participant is a valued member of the team. The Club’s goal is that all swimmers improve as athletes during the course of their time spent in the program yet realize that total growth and development encompasses not only physical improvement but mental and emotional development as well. The Club must always keep in mind that the mission of the swim program is to develop competitive senior program swimmers to feed into a successful high school program. The Club is committed to providing a safe, healthy, and positive environment for athletes by incorporating and following USA Swimming’s Safe Sport policies, procedures and guidelines.



Board Meetings:

Board Meetings are held each month. The general pattern is 7:00pm on the second Monday of each month in the pool office or weight room. Meeting schedule subject to change and you should check the Calendar tab for latest timing.

All members are welcome and encouraged to come and join us at the full board Board Meetings