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Throwback Thursday Amanda Beard 200Breast--Finish Hard!

Today's throwback is actually two races that demonstrate one of our pillars of tactical training and racing here at BSC! Amanda competed at the...

By Rob Emary

Throwback Thursday--1976 Montreal Games

This week's throwback is the 1976 Women's 4x100 Free Relay. This is an absolute legendary swim in the swimming community. During this time in...

By Rob Emary

Throwback Thursday Misty Hyman 2000Sydney Games--Mental Preparation

Today our throwback is from the 2000 Sydney Games. In this race Misty Hyman showed what being mentally prepared for your race really means....

By Rob Emary

Throwback Thursday 2002 Vendt v. Phelps 400IM

Hey BSC! This week's throwback is from US Nationals in Ft. Lauderdale 2002. I actually was on deck for this race and it was...

By Rob Emary

Throwback Thursday-1996 Atlanta Games

Happy Throwback Thursday BSC! Today we are lookng at another old school legnedary Olympic Swim. Today it is Tom Dolan's Gold Medal 400IM from...

By Rob Emary

Thowback Thursday Race!

In 1981 a young 16 year old swimmer from Louisville, KY put on a show at the US Nationals at the Schroeder Aquatic Center...

By Rob Emary

An Epic Comeback Throwback Thursday

Happy Throwback Thursday BSC!! Here is one of the greatest comeback swims of ALL TIME!! The 4x100 Free Relay from the 2008 Games Click...

By Rob Emary

BSC Covid 19-Update 4-09-20

BSC Families As we work through this time of being out of the pool, I will be posting updates and our weekly activity schedule...

By Rob Emary

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