Throwback Thursday Misty Hyman 2000Sydney Games--Mental Preparation

Rob Emary

Today our throwback is from the 2000 Sydney Games.  In this race Misty Hyman showed what being mentally prepared for your race really means. In this 200Fly Final, Susie O'Neil and Petria Thomas from Australia were the prohibited favorites in the race. Susie was the reigning Gold Medallist and Petria Had been one of the tops in the World leading up to the games.   WOW can you imagine that, standing behind the blocks as a member of Team USA getting ready to swim in the Olympic Final against two of the very best in your event All Time?  

As you watch the announcements of the athletes watch the athletes.  Who looks the most relaxed, the most excited, the most ready to go?  That's right Misty Hyman.  She showed the kind of poise and confidence we all can learn from. Great Race!

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