Throwback Thursday 2018 Long Course Age Group Champs

Rob Emary

Our throwback this week is from just two summers ago at the Age Group Championships.  The 13-14 800M Free for Girls was a tremendous race seeing Lily Reader and Emily Bucaro go 1-2 swimming away from the competition in the last 400 meters. THis swim highlights some of the things BSC focuses on each day.

1.  Strong Back Half Swimming---watch how Lily and Emily are very smooth on the first 400 and then explode into that last 400.

2.  Little Things--watch how they swim in the middle of the lane. Watch how they really work into and out of each turn, this is very visable the last 200 meters.

3.  Finish Hard--watch the last 50 of the race and the separation they create. That comes from coming to practice all the time and working to the best of your ability each day

Here is the link to the race--Click Here

The race starts at 1:41.00