Suzy Gavars and US Open Recaps!

Rob Emary

BSC Weekend Meet Re-cap

Suzy Gavars Meet and US Open


What a great weekend for BSC. I wanted to do another blast just to let everyone know how amazing the meets actually were. By the numbers:


BSC had 37 New Regional and Championship Qualifying Times!

Rylan Anselm, Judd Baron, David Basa, Quinn Bennett, Luke Bucaro, Matt Bucaro, Jackson Curttright, Eric Ding, Olivia Dorshorst, Maddie Duncan, Adam Gaffney, Dylan Guo, Will Guo, Abby Hill, Julia Jozwiak, Brookie Kahn, Jenna Kerr, Dan Langlois, Christian Lee, Jack Potsma, Ben Rocks, Tim Sardak, Alex Scott, Eva Wetzel, Lizzie Williams and Sarah Yang---WOW WHAT A GREAT LIST!


3 New Team Records

Griffin O'Leary Senior 100Fly, 100Back LCM

Dan Langlois Senior 100Breast SCY


Things you did well

  1. Best Times in the middle of a global pandemic! When you step back and look at the whole picture of the current circumstances in the swimming world and compare it against the Rock Star performances of BSC this weekend it magnifies how well you have trained and raced. This takes the coordination of Coaches, Athletes and Parents---WE should all feel great about our roles and how well each has been executed!

  2. Tactical Excellence! This has become the calling card for BSC at all levels of swimming from Illinois to the National Level. BSC kids know how to RACE and will always finish HARD on the back half of their races. This is a willingness to be uncomfortable during practices and push through that fatigue barrier. Take pride in this in the way you practice and carry that confidence into your races.

Things to work on.

  1. 10 and Unders DQ ALOT! Part of the normal developmental process for 10 and unders is that they will learn a skill in practice and then disqualify in a meet. This is just a normal part of the process of learning and refining new skills. When this does happen it is not the end of the civilized world. BSC coaches will see the individual and team trends then design instruction and training to address these issues in practice. It can take a long time sometimes, moms and dads—it's OK be supportive and patient with your swimmers.

  2. Know your Best Times in Context—As an athlete gets older and higher up on the swimming food chain keeping track of suited-unsuited vs. rested-unrested this year vs. last year's times can really help super charge one's motivation. Example from the weekend. There was a teammate that was very upset with their result because it wasn't a best time, BUT that swim was 5 full seconds faster than a year ago—also unrested and unsuited. In context that was a terrific swim, but comparing an end of season rested and tech suit time to an unrested and unsuited performance is adding 1+1 and getting a potato instead of 2. Know your times and compare them to similar situations.

  3. Don't Let The Name Beat You! No matter who you are swimming against be they famous or just a teammate with a faster time, never ever ever ever ever back down from racing YOUR RACE. What good is it to worry about someone who will beat you by 10seconds and allowing that to effect you going for a best time. Example---”Sally Saveup is seeded 20seconds ahead of me, I'm going to do terrible.” or “Sally Saveup always beats me, so she will beat me again” Flip the script here “Sally Saveup is a great swimmer, I'm going to do my best time and see if I can get closer to her level”


Our next meets are the 18 and Under Winter National Championships at FMC in Westmont and the BSC Swim Series #3 at BHS with Highland Park on December 20th. Let's keep working hard to be our very best each day in training and step up in December and release the BEAST!!