32 Teammates Achieve Regional or Championship Times at This Weekend's Meet!

Rob Emary

Great Job this past weekend. So many great swims, best times and new cuts. Even a New Team Record!


Special thanks to all our volunteers, officials and parent board members for making this meet happen!


The Following Teammates Had 100% Best Times

Ellie Brereton, Noah Brereton, Luke Bucaro, Eva Coonrad, Jackson Curttright, Connor Danielson, Eric Ding, Olivia Dorshorst, Maddie Duncan, Matt Duncan , Maggie Graves, Will Guo, Jenna Kerr, Evan Kissack, Christian Lee, Lauren McSwane, Harper Peterson, Rehan Rizvi, Rebecca Rocks, Tim Sardak, Alex Scott, Pietro Tarara, Victoria Tarara.


The Following Teammates Achieved a Regional or Championship Time

Quinn Bennett, Ellie Brereton, Noah Brereton, Penny Brereton, Riley Brown, Emily Bucaro, Luke Bucaro, Matt Bucaro, Allie Buytendorp, Jackson Curttright, Connor Danielson, Eric Ding, Addisyn Donfris, Olivia Dorshorst, Caileigh Edstrom, Maggie Graves, Will Guo, Abby Hill, Lauren Holman, Julia Jozwiak, Luke Keller, Jenna Kerr, Max Kocur, Christian Lee, Lily Reader, Rebecca Rocks, Kuba Rytel, Tim Sardak, Alex Scott, Eva Wetzel, Sarah Yang


The Following Teammates Set New Team Records

Luke Bucaro 13-14 200IM---this was a 29 year old record!!


Here are some things we did well

  1. Race With Passion---It was great to see BSC teammates enjoy racing! This was really exemplified at the Senior Level. Our senior girls raced so tough this weekend and their main competition was the clock and each other. Watching them just go for it each race was amazing!

  2. Race With Purpose---BSC Teammates did a good job of making technical corrections in practice and then implementing them in the meet. Being able to work on something in practice then race with that change is a tremendous skill to have in swimming. Great Job.

Here are some things we need to work on

  1. Be honest about what you deserve---There were a few times this weekend I saw teammates upset about a swim that was sub par in their opinion. BUT when coaches dissect attendance, effort, and attention to detail in practice it was easy to see exactly what needs work. My encouragement is to be honest with yourselves and be receptive to coaches' suggestions on what you need to do to get back on track.