Welcome to Live Streaming during a Global Pandemic. When BSC first floated the idea of hosting swim meets again in the middle of a global pandemic, we started to research how we could live stream the meet to compensate for the restrictions on the amount of people allowed in the building at any one time. Since spectators were out of the question, we decided live streaming would be the best idea for the club. We keep improving and upgrading our setup each time. We started with a Facebook and Instagram Live feed using an ipad and samsung tablet and realized this setup did not offer good views of the poool. Now we are using a 3 camera setup focused on the entire pool, starts and finishes and (when it's working) and overlay of the scoreboard. Results are also posted to Meet Mobile. After the live stream is over, we will organize and label the videos on our YouTube channel under "playlists" so that you can watch them again. This is great for Swimmers watch their swims and for family members and friends of Barington Swim Club. Special Thanks the Sardak Family and aib Logistics, Inc. for their support in sponsoring our live stream.

LINKS TO LIVE STREAMS: When we are broadcasting live from the pool, you will be able to click on the live stream on our Channels.



2020 Suzy Gavars Memorial Classic Playlist


2020 U.S. Open Playlist


2020 Fall / Winter Series #2 Playlist


Streaming Support / Help:


Coming Soon: How BSC Live Streams our Swim Meets. We will provide all the details on the tools and equipment we use to bring live coverage of Barrington Swim Club to your own device or the TV in your house.