BSC Volunteer Value Statement:

With the exception of our professional coaches, the Barrington Swim Team is a volunteer driven organization. Our club’s success is greatly determined by the commitment and dedication of its members and families. Therefore, each season, families are asked to donate time and services to help in various aspects of our team operations (this is how we keep the BSC operating costs down and maintain our operating budget). The amount of time families are obligated to volunteer is dependent on the following; the number and length of meets our club attend and host, special events which are scheduled, and our team size.

Families will be able to sign up to volunteer directly on the BSC website. Jobs will be filled on a first come first serve basis. Email blasts will be sent out through our website when ‘Job Opportunities’ for an Event come open. Opportunities to volunteer will not only be available for BSC hosted meets, but also for away meets attended by our team. Opportunities may also arise to work on a committee, be a committee head or board member.

Volunteer Job Descriptions:

For Home & Away Meets:

  • Timer: Two individuals in each lane will use stop watches to time swimmers in their lane for each heat. Both times are written down (for redundancy) in case the automatic timing system does not register a time. Frequently, Timers are also responsible to make sure the correct swimmer is on the block, or in the correct line order. Typically, Timers meet together 30 minutes prior to the start of the Session. During this meeting, Timers are given instructions about the Session, get timing lane assignments, and receive a review of Timing procedures by an Official.
  • Volunteer Coordinator:  One volunteer, who will be Timing during the same session, will be responsible for “coordinating” and overseeing all the Timing volunteers who are signed up during that time. This person is responsible for making sure our scheduled Timing volunteers show up to serve, and will follow-up with an email to the Volunteer Coordinator to confirm.
  • Officials: This job requires training and certification from Illinois Swimming Inc. For more information, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator or any current BSC Official.

For Home Meets:

  • Head Timer:  An individual with previous timing experience is known on deck as the “Head Timer”. They are responsible for starting multiple watches at the beginning of each race, and are available to answer any questions that Timing volunteers may have.  If at any time a Timer does not start a watch at the start of a race they will quickly notify the Head Timer and trade a running watch.
  • Positive Check-In & Volunteer Check-In: Responsible for setting up check-in tables, assisting swimmers with checking in prior to meet, checking in volunteers, and any other set-up help needed. This job is combined with Floater.
  • Floaters: Responsible for reporting to the Volunteer Coordinator to fill in or help in needed areas. This is a good assignment if you have no job preference. This job combined with Swimmer/Volunteer Check-In.
  • Admissions: Responsible for collecting admission fee, selling psyche/heat sheets and helping with any necessary set-up. This job is usually combined with Ribbons.
  • Awards: Responsible for recording results on the back of ribbons for winners, sorting them by team, and preparing medals when awarded. This job is usually combined with Admissions.
  • Admin: Responsible for helping the Admin Official with any and all assignments. Some duties may include; making copies of events, running results to the ribbon group, posting results, running DQ slips and/or timing sheets.
  • Deck Safety: Responsible for monitoring the safety and control of our deck, hallways, bathrooms, and observation areas
  • Concessions: Responsible for manning the Concession Stand during Home Meets, including set-up and clean-up.
  • Hospitality: Responsible for manning the hospitality room. This is where meals and snacks will be served for coaches and Meet officials. Duties may include food preparation, setting up tables and running drinks on the pool deck. This team will also support the Concession Stand when necessary.
  • Advertising/Sponsors: Assist with placing advertisements and contacting potential sponsors for our home meets.
  • Announcer: This individual must be comfortable speaking in public, and have some kind of public speaking experience. This job involves making announcements, introducing swimmers and making other necessary comments during the Meet in a timely manner. This person will report to the Admin Official.