Wondering how to make your home screen Safari bookmark (Web Clips) of CATS website to look better?
TeamUnify does not allow us to put proper home page icon :(
Well the good news is there is a work around that will allow you to improve the look of our icon. It will
Will work on all iDevises :) (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad) and it's only few easy steps

  • Now that you have our website URL, you need icon URL :) Copy this to your Notes
    It will look like this:

  • Then open this page in your mobile Safari
    and paste our team icon URL and our website URL
  • Click on Get Customized Webclip!!! button...

  • Once you see our club logo, click on Bookmark button/icon

  • You will see screen like this: (Click on Add to Home Screen)

  • Change Untitled to CATS (or CATS Team)

  • Then click on blue Add button in the top right corner...
  • Ta-da-da-da!!!

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! You all done!!!


P.S. If you still confused...then here is the video tutorial for you: