Volunteer Info


The CATS Aquatic Team is a parent run organization that requires a commitment from all member families, not just those involved in the day-to-day management of the Club. Unlike many other sports your child may be involved in, running swim meets and other fundraisers requires a tremendous amount of manpower and parental involvement.

As an example, to properly run one session of a meet like CATS Classic, we need 40-44 volunteers to fill the critical jobs of Officials, Computer Table, Announcer, Check-in, Admissions, Volunteer Coordinator, Hospitality/Concessions, Timers, Head Timer, Runners, Bull Pen and Safety Marshal. Most of our meets consist of 4 or sometimes 5 sessions. That means we need a total of 160-220 warm bodies over the course of the meet weekend. Even smaller scale Dual Meets require people to fill most of these positions. So when we say we need parents to volunteer, we really mean it. 

(These documents are being updated and will be reposted soon...)

Parent Volunteer policy

Volunteer Job Description

Expectations for Timer at Away Meets

Finding your Replacement Timer

Safety Marshall Guidelines