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Hello Stingray Families! Here is the upcoming meet schedule from September through July. Please add these dates to your schedule. September 25th – Relay Carnival October 23-24th - Fall Kick Off Meet October 27th – Turkey Tri-league 1 November 3rd - Turkey Tri-league 2 November 10th - Turkey Tri-league 3 November 13th - 5k Swim November 19-21st - Mike Lockwood Memorial/ Tri-league Final December 3-5th - Nationals January 12th - Pete Ribbins Series 1 (200+) January 19th - Pete Ribbins Series 2 (200+) January 28th- Pete Ribbins Series 3 (Sprint)...

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The Emmanuel Brown Memorial North Sound Crossing Stingray athletes aim to raise $15,000 during 6-mile ‘Swim in Memory’ Stingray Swim Club, Grand Cayman, 27 July 2020: On Saturday, 8 August, a group of senior athletes from Stingray Swim Club will attempt to swim across the North Sound in honour of Emmanuel ‘Manny’ Brown, who died tragically in a boating accident one year ago. Manny lived a life in service to others as a police officer, football referee and owner of the Jungle Float water attraction. He was a father of...

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Andy Copley

Do you have Instagram? If you do log on and now and check out Stingray swimmers trending right now @swimswamnews Stingrays gold and senior swimmers did a kick and flip drill last night which we posted and got picked up this morning by the swimming publication. Within 2 hours the video had over 1000 hits, more than 100 comments and had been reposted a dozen times, including by Scottish Swimming!

On a bright Saturday afternoon, Stingray's swimmers young and old punished the competition here in Cayman and on the coast of North Carolina. Andrew Smilley started the day off right by winning his division and placing second overall in the Mott's Channel Swim, a 1.3 swim held on the shores of North Carolina. Smilley finished the course in just over 23 minutes giving him his best finish in a sea swim so far this year! Smilley is using this as a trial run event for the 2015 World Special Olympic...

Catriona MacRae will set sail for Veracruz, Mexico to participate in the 2014 Centeral American And Caribbean Games this November. MacRae qualified in Barbados by finishing first in her age group in the 10k at CISC. The CAC Games is being used as one of the qualifying events for the Pan American Games next summer in Toronto. For more information on the CAC Games follow this link to their website! click here for website

As of yesterday, we already have a swimmer who has raised $480!!! WOW! Way to go Jonathan Key! Please, please, please let me (Coach Andy) know about any and all donations the come in your way. Fundraising relies so much on momentum... The more everyone rallies together, the more momentum we build and the more money we will raise. Our goal is $25,000 this year but I think we can do better! Check out the front page of our website for an ongoing tracker. Anytime your child receives a donation,...