Meet Schedule September- July

Coach Bodden

Hello Stingray Families!


Here is the upcoming meet schedule from September through July.  Please add these dates to your schedule. 


September 25th – Relay Carnival


October 23-24th - Fall Kick Off Meet

October 27th – Turkey Tri-league 1


November 3rd - Turkey Tri-league 2

November 10th - Turkey Tri-league 3

November 13th - 5k Swim

November 19-21st - Mike Lockwood Memorial/ Tri-league Final


December 3-5th - Nationals


January 12th - Pete Ribbins Series 1 (200+)

January 19th - Pete Ribbins Series 2 (200+)

January 28th- Pete Ribbins Series 3 (Sprint)


February (Mid Term) Coco Cup


March 26th - Spring Splash 10u




May 7th - Lions Sprint Meet


June 18-19th – Landon Von Kanel Meet


July 6th - Summer League Meet 1

July 13th - Summer League Meet 2

July 20th - Summer League Meet 3

July 22-24rth Summer League Final



Thank you for your time