Stingray Swim Club ("SSC") is a non-profit organization that has been developing swimmers of all ages and abilities since 1996. Our primary objective is to make competitive swimming available to all youth in the Cayman Islands and this can only be achieved by keeping membership and coaching rates at an affordable cost for  all families. We have very talented coaches and many dedicated parents who support the children. Although the club has regular fundraising events to subsidize fee income, we require sponsors so that the membership and coaching fees do not become a bar to our young swimmers and their families.

SSC partners very closely with Special Olympics Cayman Islands (“SOCI”). SOCI swimmers train and compete with SSC swimmers and are included with the competitive team in many international competitions. This legacy was fostered by the late Mrs. Penny McDowall, who personally paid for the coaching fees and travel costs of many of the SOCI swimmers over many years. With her passing in 2019, SSC has made it a core mission to continue this legacy of inclusion of the SOCI swimmers as part of the SSC team.

We strongly believe this partnership is valuable to the SOCI swimmers and the non-SOCI swimmers alike. Some SOCI swimmers attend special needs schools, and this is one of the few opportunities where they fully integrate with non-special needs peers.

The mutual respect, support, and sense of team for these athletes is invaluable, equally so for the non-SOCI swimmers who learn life lessons about differences and acceptance.

We are very honoured to have known Ms. Penny and we honour and memorialize her incredible contribution to the swimming community by creating the inaugural Penny McDowall League Series held January 14th, 21st and 28th 2022.

This Series will be held annually and rather than seeking corporate sponsorship for this series, we ask for donations from Friends and Family of SSC; and members of the community. Those who contribute to the series are considered "Friends of SSC".


 Friends of SSC:

The Watson Family

Kathy, Chris, Sarah, and Ali Jackson - $200

Zaiden Rankin

The Dakers Family

Marz West & Kyra Rabess - In Honour of Ms.Penny

Anonymous Donor - $1,000