Stingray is a ‘not-for-profit’ organization that relies on its membership to fund the Club’s activities such as paying for our coaches and providing our swimmers with the best facilities and opportunities that we can afford.  Although membership fees represent a considerable slice of the budget, funds raised through fundraising activities and donations also play a crucial role.

There are many ways to help our community grow and thrive. The club website is the hub for information and events, you can sign up for events using the 'job signup' function to help track your hours. Hours can be logged in a variety of ways including;


  • Requires a 2-hour clinic, studying the rules, shadow for 2 meets and referee sign off.
  • We are always in need of officials.  This is where everyone should commit to first before considering any other volunteer capacity. We have referees volunteer most meets that no longer have kids swimming.
  • We cannot run a meet without officials.
  • Positions need to be filled both at our meets and CBAC’s meets.


  • Simply requires shadowing another chief timer at a meet and get signed off by a referee.
  • The job is straight forward and simple.


  • Requires a 45:00 training session. Coach David will walk you through the ends and outs. Also, will need to shadow for 2 sessions of a meet.
  • We have very few people that can operate the computer so when one person is down we become desperate.  If you are comfortable with the use of computers then you will be just fine. The program is very forgiving and any mistakes can be corrected.


  • Requires a 30:00 training session with coach David and shadowing for one session at a meet.
  • The console is a very simple machine and is mostly a set pattern of button pushing before and after each race. Anyone can do this job and it is in the A/C!


  • Requires shadowing a meet director.
  • This position is organizing volunteers in advance of the meet, liaising with sponsors to be sure their needs are meet, making sure volunteers are taken care of, checking off award orders and the likes. A check list is provided for things to be delegated.


  • This position requires an hour training session with coach David.
  • We need a handy person to fill this role that is comfortable with working out electoral issues with the timing equipment, network issues with the computer and the set-up of all the timing equipment.
  • There will always, without fail, be issues with the timing equipment that will need quick trouble shooting and repairs.
  • This position will allow coach David to coach during the meet rather than making repairs and adjustments.


  • Requires 30 minutes to show you set up and where everything is. Does not require a shadow but if the opportunity presents itself to shadow it can only help.


  • Does not require training. The sales of drinks, food and heat sheets.


  • This requires no training just direction from coach David.
  • With 3 people committed this can be a quick and easy job.
  • We need people committed specifically to the cleanup. All too often this ends up being officials or volunteers that have been working the entire meet and are already tired and ready to go. 
  • We need to do a thorough job of clean up and leave Lions pool spotless. We are guests at Lions pool and need to treat it as such.


  • No training required. Every meet we will need them. This is something to consider after the former positions are filled.
  • Positions need to be filled for timers at both our meets and CBAC’s meets.
  • Start/Stop a watch and write down the time!



MAY 31-JUNE 3: Landon Von Kanel Memorial Meet. 4 days, 5 sessions

  • This meet has a separate 11 and over and 10 and under session. It would be great to get enough volunteers to have separate crews for each session.  As swimming on island grows it would be a hope to continue this trend and shorten the length of sessions from 4.5 hours where the kids get bored to 2 hours with separate age groups.

JULY 20-22: Summer Finale. 3 days, 3 sessions

SEPTEMBER (late): Fall Sprint. 1 day, 1 session

NOVEMBER (mid): Mike Lockwood Memorial. 3 days, 3-4 sessions

JANUARY (early): FNL and Sprint. 2 days, 2 sessions

JANUARY (late): Pete Ribbins Memorial. 3 days, 3-4 sessions

Nothing until May…

MAY: Lions Sprint. 1 day, 1 session


Thank you for everything you do! It does not go unnoticed by the swimmers. It may not be directly stated and recognized, but your kids see your example and feed off your dedication and willingness to give so freely of your time and effort!



Coach David