Stingray Swim Club Lessons

Note: We charge an annual registration fee of
  • $35.00 per student for Swim School Level 1 Splash, Swim School Level 2 Dive, Swim School Level 4 Glide, Swim School Level 5 Propulsion, Swim School Old Lessons, Stroke School Level 6 Freestyle/Backstroke, Stroke School Level 7 Breaststroke/Butterfly , Swim School Private Level 1 Splash (P) , Swim School Private Level 2 Dive (P), Swim School Private Level 3 Float (P), Swim School Private Level 4 Glide (P), Swim School Private Level 5 Propulsion (P), Stroke School Private Level 6 Freestyle/Backstroke (P), Stroke School Private Level 7 Breaststoke/Butterfly (P), Adult Group Lessons Adult Learn to Swim, Adult Group Lessons Adult Stroke School: Freestyle Advanced, Adult Group Lessons Adult Stroke School: Freestyle Beginner
This extra fee will be added to the checkout page if your family has not paid this fee for over a year.

Stingray Swim Club Pre Competition Information

Step 1: read this page
Step 2: fill out and agree to all required forms
Step 3: choose the lesson level and time spot. If there are no vacant spots at your prefered timeslot, we have a waitlist sign up.
Step 4: PAYMENT CAN BE MADE ONLY BY CASH AND MUST BE MADE FIRST DAY OF LESSONS, but to process the registration you need to
Press Pay by check as payment option, as this is an american system we are limited to payment methods currently. for check number put "Pay at pool". 

There is an annual nonrefundable member and administration fee of $35 in addition to the practice fees. Our pre competition lessons are done in packages of 5. For private individual lessons the cost is $40 per lesson and $200 per term. You may choose to share lessons and we will place no more than 3 for level I in a class and no more than 4 for levels II,III IV and V.  The cost for shared lessons is $20 per lesson and $100 per package.


All swimmers within a class must be at the same level. When registering your swimmers carefully read the level descriptions. If you want to request a specific person to share a class with please let us know on
[email protected] immediately after registration so we can get you sorted right away. Evaluations for swim team can be done any Tuesday or Thursday at 5:45 PM, please confirm with [email protected] 
All Classes are scheduled in 30 minute increments. This time begins at the scheduled start time, not when the student arrives. Class time may fluctuate based on the swimmer’s physical abilities, attention span, and willingness to learn during the lesson.

Children who are enrolled in Stingray Pre-Comp may only use the pool during their scheduled class.

All swim instructors are CPR, and AED certified. Each time slot has a designated instructor, however under certain circumstances (i.e. illness, vacation, termination, etc.) a substitute instructor may be assigned. If a student is in a group lesson and not at the level that is on the registration form a new schedule will need to be made and will possibly be moved to another instructor.

Cancellation Policies:
Missed lessons will not be rescheduled for any reason.  

Lesson Renewal
The $35 member and administration fee is annual and will not be required each term. If you wish to start another term please notify us at [email protected] and they will put you through in the the next available slot or continue your same slot. If you are pleased with your instructor please let us know and request to keep your instructor. There are incentives for instructors to be requested and retain students for a second package. If you want to switch instructors also, please let us know.

All practices will take place at Lion's Aquatic Centre

Stingray Swim Club Non-Competitive Levels
Look through the different levels below, and choose the appropriate level for your child. If an instructor feels that child doesn't have the required skills to be in a group we will move them to the appropriate level. If you are unsure about the right level, send an email to [email protected]

Learn to Swim

The Pre Competition program runs on weekends at the Lion's Aquatic Centre. We have 5 levels in our pre comp program which are aimed towards preparing swimmers for our stroke school.

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Stroke School

These lessons are intended for swimmers already that have already completed out learn to swim program and are looking to join our competitive swim program.

Adult Group Lessons

Adult learn to swim lessons