Stingray’s Senior group is an advanced competitive training group where swimmers are pushed to find their physical thresholds in all modalities of training. They are introduced to the latest and most advanced training concepts, goal setting and educated to understand the commitment and intricacies of elite swimming. This group has mandatory practices 6 times per week for 2 hours in the water and 15 – 30 minutes of dryland training. 

Senior swimmers are invited to participate in the morning practices and gym sessions with the high-performance group. Coaches of this group strive to inspire their swimmers to push themselves beyond their limits to help build confidence and promote an exciting training environment. We require the Senior swimmers to participate in all hosted meets and one end of the season (championship) meet per season (2 per year).

Required Kit: kickboard, short blade fins, competitive swimming snorkel, pull buoy, paddles, drag belt, yoga mat