The Silver group is intended for swimmers who have developed the necessary skills to compete in all four-stroke disciplines. The foundations learnt in Bronze are vital and must be reinforced whilst maintaining a fun and exciting environment. Additional team building activities, racing, and games are often used to further develop a team spirit and philosophy.

Basic swimming sets are used to highlight the importance of hard work, as swimmer’s progress both in skill and swimming vernacular they are then introduced to basic training concepts such as track starts, competitive flip turns, underwater techniques, race skills such as pacing and reading the clock.

All these important skills are developed progressively. The group meets 4 times per week for 60 minutes to capitalize on what is being learnt. Engaging swimmers on a regular basis will ingrain these newly learnt motor skills so that swimmers can apply them when racing. Silver swimmers are required to participate in all Stingray hosted meets and encouraged to participate in select away meets.

Required Kit: kickboard, short blade fins, competitive swimming snorkel