Pre competition

Open for Returning Members

2/5/21 - 9/1/21

Open for New Members

2/5/21 - 9/1/21


Stingray Swim Club Pre Competition Information

Step 1: read this page 

Step 2: click continue or check status

Step 3: fill out and agree to all required fields

Step 4: Answer email questions sent upon completion

Step 5: Pay annual registration/deposit fees


There is an annual nonrefundable member and administration fee of $35 in addition to the practice fees. Our pre competition practices are done in packages of 5. Levels 1 may share costs with up to a 2 participant maximum. Levels 2 through 3 may share with up to a 4 participant maximum. Each package is $200 KYD. Payment can be made by cash, check or bank transfer to CNB A/c No. 011-08031 or Butterfield A/c No. 1361415940019. When paying by bank transfer please note "last name-first initial-pre comp".

Classes and costs can be shared by students in a specific time slot.  All swimmers within the time slot must be at the same level. When registering your swimmers carefully read the level descriptions.  We cannot guarantee a class can be filled for cost sharing, so bring a friend and make sure they sign up and let us know! If you do not want to share a lesson please notify our admin at [email protected] immediately after registration so we can get you started right away.  You will be billed for the cost of the package, $200, but once registration is closed your account will be updated to reflect any cost sharing discounts. Wait to pay the package cost until you have been notified that your class will begin and the number of participants. 


To reserve your spot a nonrefundable annual fee of $35 is due upon registration. 3 days prior to the start of a package you will be billed the final amount for the package. Final bills must be paid in full PRIOR to the start of a package. Cash, checks, and bank transfer are the accepted forms of payment. Please reference the swimmers last name, first initial and “pre-comp” on both transfers and checks.  Transfers can be made to our Butterfield account at: 1361415940019 or our CNB account at: 011-08031 under Stingray Swim Club.  Proof of payment is required for online transactions. In the event that a lesson needs to be cancelled by the admin i.e. weather related, the class will be rescheduled at the discretion of the admin. When completing the registraion online please select "pay by check" we cannot accept credit card payments through the website. 


Once you have registered and paid the initial $35 fee we will put you on the "wait list" unless you want one on one or have specific classmates already lined up. Once the specified number of classmates is fulfilled on the wait list we will slot you in and begin your lessons. You can check class availability and the wait list here:

All Classes are scheduled in 30 minute increments. This time begins at the scheduled start time, not when the student arrives. Class time may fluctuate based on the swimmer’s physical abilities, attention span, and willingness to learn during the lesson.

Children who are enrolled in Stingray Pre-Comp may only use the pool during their scheduled class.


All swim instructors are CPR, and AED certified. Each time slot has designated instructor, however under certain circumstances (i.e. illness, vacation, termination, etc.) a substitute instructor may be assigned. If a student is in a group lesson and not at the level that is on the registration form a new schedule will need to be made and will possibly be moved to another instructor.

Cancellation Policies:

Missed lessons will not be rescheduled for any reason.   

Lesson Renewal:

The $35 member and administration fee is annual and will not be required each term. If you wish to start another term please notify Lessons admin and they will put you through in the the next available slot or continue your same slot. If you are pleased with your instructor please let us know and request to keep your instructor. There are incentives for instructors to be requested and retain students for a second package. If you want to switch instructors also, please let us know.


All practices will take place at Lion's Aquatic Centre



Stingray Swim Club Non-Competitive Levels

Level I Skates:

This is for children 4 and over that are water safe and comfortable swimming 5 meters unassisted. These swimmers will be taught to float on their back and stomach, and how to blow bubbles underwater. They will begin to be taught kicking mechanics and learn to roll from their stomach to back to breathe.

Level II Eagle Rays:

This level is for children that can float on their back and stomach, are comfortable in the water, and can flutter kick. These swimmers will be taught the side breathe on their stomachs, and to become proficient in flutter kicking. Swimmers in this group will begin the use of arm strokes.

Level III Manta Rays:

This level is for swimmers that understand floating, kicking, and the side breath. These swimmers will be taught pulling mechanics in backstroke and freestyle, and will learn the timing of the breath in freestyle. These swimmers will swim the length of the pool in both freestyle and backstroke upon completion. Once successfully graduating from this group swimmers will be ready to join the Stingray Swim Club competitive team!

Advanced Stroke Mechanics:

This is private coaching for competitive swimmers working on mastering the Stingray Stroke drills and detailed mechanics.