Weekly Update 2-22-21

Weekly Update 2-22-21

It’s Championship Season!!!

Friday was the last practice day for anyone who has not yet achieved a Divisional, Age Group State, or Senior State cut.  Practice times for championships will be at the same time as normal except for the two week before Age Group State.  Starting on Monday, March 8th Age Group State qualifiers practices will be from 5:15-7:30 pm


  • Congratulations to our Divisional qualifiers!
    • Emma Bahr, Izzy Bahr, Walter Bahr, Ethan Beishuizen, Jackson Barnes, Lucas Barnes, Addison Batey, Paetyn Biancotti, Aubrie Bood, Collin Bood, Yohanna Calzonzi, Angel Carranza, Maggie Cicero, Morgan Cicero, Aiden Coetzee, Riley Copper, Lily Cox, Aliya DeJesus, Kayliyah Deshields, Abby Donahue, Matthew Dumbsky, Andy Dyba, Juliette Fancher Kaitlin Flewelling, GG Gatley, Brayden Gilman, Colin Gingerich, Taylor Gleason, Leo Gonzalez, Aidan Gubbins, Liam Gubbins, Nori Gubbins, Lily Hajek, Kyle Harvey, Aly Hoover, Ava Hubster, Maggie Hubster, Hannah Jordan, Kristian Kirilov, Aleks Kostic, Ryan Kozlowski, Rachel Krick, Carly Kruit, Kylie LaChapelle, Allie Landgrave, Leilani Lyles, Ana Markoska, Ruby Monroe, Holden Morse, Maggie Morse, Andi Murry, Josh Murry, Pablo Nieto, Bela Nuet, Eliza Nuet, Alexis Paape, Andrew Panozzo, Niki Petkov, Liam Piccirilli, Emily Rodriguez, Caitlyn Roldan, Jaxson Ruckman, Emma Smith, Jackson Smith, Dean Snyder, Eva Sokolova, Grace Stimac, Lilah Stimac, Jenna Stout, Jessa Stout, William Tarin, Tyler Tennione, Alex Tothfalusi, Kyle Tothfalusi, Carter Trippeer, Bella Tufts, Eve Ulloa, Maddie Vaught, Tiffany Walsh, Abbie Werner, Caleb Witherington, Emily Yadron, and Nicol Zunno!!
    • We are definitely looking to add more amazing Senior State and Age Group State cuts at Divisionals!


  • Congratulations to our Senior State qualifiers!
    • Emma Bahr, Matt Dumbsky, Andy Dyba, Leo Gonzalez Ava Hubster, Aleks Kostic, Ryan Kozlowski, Kylie LaChapelle, Maggie Morse, Pablo Nieto, Eliza Nuet, Jackson Smith, Grace Stimac, Tyler Tennione, Bella Tufts, & Abbie Werner


  • Congratulations to our Age Group State qualifiers!
    • Izzy Bahr, Jackson Barnes, Lucas Barnes, Addison Batey, Collin Bood, Morgan Cicero, Abby Donahue, Kaitlin Flewelling, Brayden Gilman, Taylor Gleason, Lily Hajek, Maggie Hubster, Leilani Lyles, Holden Morse, Maggie Morse, Caitlin Roldan, Jaxson Ruckman, Dean Snyder, Grace Stimac, Lilah Stimac, Bella Tufts, & Caleb Witherington



  • This meet is an “all hands-on deck” request for volunteers.  We have been given the honor of hosting Indiana Swimming’s Northwest Divisional Championships.  With this honor, we do require that all families chip in to help with volunteering roles for this meet, so the same families aren’t doing all the work.
  • This meet is one of the meets that we request to host so that we can keep our training fees as low as they are.  As of last check, CPSC is one of the top three lowest in the state of Indiana for overall cost to participate.  While not all swimmers can participate in this meet due to having to achieve the meet’s time standards, we do ask that all families help us out so that we can continue to keep the fees as low as we do.
  • Please mark your calendar for the weekend of March 5-7, 2021 and contact Lindi Gubbins as soon as possible to inquire on what 2-3 sessions that you can help out with out of the 7 that will be offered.  You can email her at [email protected].


  • We had several swimmers from the Bronze, Silver, & Gold groups test up to the next level over our two testing days and we would like to recognize & congratulate them….
    • Bronze Group To Gold Group: Claire Coil
    • Silver Group To Gold Group: Elyse Anderson, Jackson Barnes, Aubrie Bood, Gabriel Castillo, Juliette Fancher, Isabella Gonzalez, Haley Jordan, Olivia Osika, Chris Priestas, Caitlyn Roldan, Lilah Stimac, Karson Urra, & Tyler Wallace
    • Gold Group To Platinum Group: Addison Batey, Collin Bood, Taylor Gleason, Allie Landgrave, Alexis Paape, Eva Sokolova, Jessa Stout, & Nicol Zuno


  • New swimmer evaluations will take place on Tuesday & Wednesday, April 6th & 7th, from 5:45-8:00 pm at the High School pool.  Make sure to tell your swimmers friends and neighbors about the club!!
  • Sign ups for returning swimmers will open prior to the new swimmer evaluations.  Please make sure to register your swimmer for the Spring/Summer season PRIOR to the first day, Monday, April 12th.
  • The meet schedule for the Spring/Summer season is currently being finalized and will be posted on the website as soon as it gets approved.
  • Swimmers who tested to move up should sign up for their new group.  Any swimmer who tested and did not pass the test will be given two opportunities at the end of the summer season to test again.  All returning swimmers should sign up for their current group unless they passed the test to move up.
  • 8th Graders – All current 8th grade swimmers should sign up for the current group they are in, unless moving from Gold to Platinum, for this Spring/Summer season.  8th graders are not considered Elite group swimmers until the next Fall/Winter season.


Upcoming Meetings / Dates:

  • None scheduled as of this moment


Upcoming Deadlines / Meet Sign Ups:

    • Senior State Championships @ Elkhart Aquatic Center
      • Meet sign up has been opened – the deadline to register will be Friday, February 26th by 11:59 pm.  NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED
    • Age Group State Championships @ Elkhart Aquatic Center
      • Meet sign up has been opened – the deadline to register will be Friday, March 5th by 11:59 pm.  NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED



  • THIS MONTH…..February Birthday’s
    • Elite Group
      • Aliya DeJesus  – 2/22 – 17 yrs old
      • GG Gatley – 2/12 – 17 yrs old
      • Tyler Tennione – 2/22 – 18 yrs old
    • Platinum Group
      • Lily Hajek – 2/1 – 12 yrs old
    • Gold Group
      • None
    • Silver Group
      • Amelia Ahern – 2/21 – 10 yrs old
      • Savanna Aloia – 2/21 – 11 yrs old
      • Elyse Anderson – 2/2 – 12 yrs old
      • Valary Andonoski – 2/2 – 11 yrs old
      • Emma Cox – 2/15 – 10 yrs old
      • Olivia Osika – 2/12 – 11 yrs old
      • Aiden Richards – 2/14 – 12 yrs old
      • Ella Rothrock – 2/25 – 11 yrs old
      • Sophia Rubio – 2/18 – 13 yrs old
      • Mollie Ryan – 2/18 – 10 yrs old
      • Maddie Vaught – 2/9 – 10 yrs old
    • Bronze Group
      • Elizabeth Mlynarski – 2/25 – 5 yrs old


  • NEXT MONTH’S ……. March Birthday’s
    • Elite Group
      • Yohanna Calzonzi – 3/26 – 15 yrs old
      • Colin Gingerich – 3/10 – 17 yrs old
      • Kyle Harvery – 3/3 – 18 yrs old
      • Josh Murry – 3/3 – 18 yrs old
      • Connor Opyt – 3/17 – 15 yrs old
    • Platinum Group
      • Kaitlin Flewelling – 3/24 – 13 yrs old
      • Grace Stimac – 3/5 – 13 yrs old
      • Emily Yadron – 3/24 – 13 Yrs old
    • Gold Group
      • Lola Coil – 3/26 – 11 yrs old
      • Ana Markoska – 3/27 – 13 yrs old
      • Jessa Stout – 3/4 – 11 yrs old
    • Silver Group
      • Jeremiah Biancardi – 3/12 – 11 yrs old
      • Dasha Castro Gomez – 3/29 – 11 yrs old
      • Samuel Lair – 3/3 – 11 yrs old
      • Aiden Shackleton – 3/3 – 12 yrs old
      • Grace Taylor – 3/30 – 12 yrs old
    • Bronze Group
      • Sloane Barnes – 3/22 – 8 yrs old
      • Sofia Calzonzi – 3/4 – 8 yrs old
      • Maggie Hubster – 3/5 – 8 yrs old
      • Mackenzie Odle – 3/8 – 9 yrs old


  • REMINDER TO ALL ELITE GROUP PARENTS / SWIMMERS….any swimmer who is turning 18 is required by USA Swimming to complete the Athlete Protection Training course at the following link…   https://www.usaswimming.org/resource-center/athlete-protection-training.  If any swimmer does not complete the course by the time they turn 18, subsequent meet results will not be submitted to USA Swims database and times from meets will not count.