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Welcome to the Pack Prep registration page 
of the Wolfpack Swim School

The Wolfpack Swim School has transitioned away from small group lessons to a pre-team development group, Pack Prep. Pack Prep is the bridge program between group swim lessons and club swimming. The swimmers in Pack Prep need a minimum skill level of Pack 1 to join the program.  They must be comfortable and confident swimmers in the water (in shallow and deep water) on their own, with the ability to swim 50-75 yards without stopping.  

Before you register:

1. Have you reviewed the schedule for the session? Pack Prep meets 3 days a week for 1 hour each practice. The practice schedule can run 7-10 weeks. There is no minimum to practice attendance, however the more attended the better opportunity for quicker improvement. No refund or credit is offered for missed practices. 

2. Have you reviewed the requirements for Pack Prep?

3. Registration Pack Prep includes all swimmers initially being placed on a waiting list pending review and approval by the Program Director, Coach Sam.

4. New swimmers must be evaluated prior to being considered for acceptance into the program. This is to ensure they meet the minimum skill requirements for the program. Contact Coach Sam to schedule an evaluation date if specific dates for evaluation have not been set.

For more information on our refund and make up policy click here
For questions please email Coach Sam at [email protected]