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Tech Suit Info From Our Vendor

David Stephens

Hello families, it’s tech suit time!  Here’s some great FAQ information to help you with this process:

Q:  Does my swimmer need a tech suit?

            A:  Check with your coach, they will let you know!

Q:  Do you have a good selection of tech suit available?

            A:  YES!  We have great inventory in stock for Speedo, TYR & Arena tech suits!

Q:  Do we get a discount on tech suits?

            A:  YES!  Because you’re on one of our loyal teams, you ALWAYS get 30% off MSRP on tech suits!

Q:  Do we need an appointment for a tech suit fitting?

A:  During regular store hours, no appointment is needed.  We just ask that you arrive at least 30 minutes before the store closes.   Here’s the link to see our store hours, Wheeling is the 2nd location listed:  https://www.kiefer.com/store-locations

A:  Through February, we will be offering “by appointment only” tech suit fittings on Tuesday evenings!  Please call by Monday at 5:00 pm to book your appointment for the following day. (224-676-0344)

Q:  How long does a tech suit fitting take?

A:  We don’t set time limits for this.  Our goal is to ensure that you leave our store with the suit that is perfect for your swimmer!  You will work 1:1 with one of our expertly trained staff to ensure you have a great shopping experience!  Sometimes the 1st suit your swimmer will try is perfect, sometimes they’ll need to try on a few options, and that’s no problem!

Q:  If we know what suit we need, can we call to order it?

A:  YES!  We’ll be happy to take your order over the phone & ship the suit to you!  We’ll also waive the shipping charge for tech suits, so you’ll pay the same as if you were in the store!

Q:  Can I use my team gear voucher towards a tech suit?

A:  YES!

Q:  What if we have additional questions?

            A:  No problem!  Give us a call at 224-676-0344 or send an email to [email protected]