FAST CAPP - College Assisted Placement Program

The Fishers Area Swimming Tigers are excited to offer a new program for our swimmers.  FAST’s College Assisted Placement Program (CAPP) is designed to educate, assist and guide our high school swimmers through the process of finding the best collegiate program for each individual.  The collegiate recruiting process is a fun and exciting time that can also be stressful and overwhelming without the proper guidance and planning.

FAST is now offering a unique opportunity to be ‘coached’ throughout this process.  We are fortunate to have coaches on staff who have experienced this process from all angles – as collegiate swimmers and coaches, as high school and club coaches, and even from the parent perspective as well.

We have developed a management plan that includes many milestones, action items, and timelines designed to be reached by a certain point.  Ideally a swimmer and their family will begin this process their freshman year to gradually determine the best collegiate fit for them; however, this may not be completely necessary for all athletes.  Success can most definitely be found when joining at various stages of the process.  We are thrilled to provide the opportunity to assist and educate our swimmers along with their families during this special time.  We look forward to a successful placement as an end result.

I have created the October session sign up in Signup Genius - Sign up for your next session when you are ready!  Be sure to continue to bring your laptop so we can see any work you've done, your journal, and any other assignments we have discussed.  As always be sure to let me know if you have any questions!


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Updated 10-03-2019