FAST CAPP - College Assisted Placement Program

The Fishers Area Swimming Tigers are excited to offer a unique program for our swimmers.  FAST’s College Assisted Placement Program (CAPP) is designed to educate, assist and guide our high school swimmers through the process of finding the best collegiate program for each individual.  The collegiate recruiting process is a fun and exciting time that can also be stressful and overwhelming without the proper guidance and planning. Coach Garland Wilson is the lead coach for this program.  Prior to coaching at FAST Coach Garland swam at the University of Texas and Indiana University and then coached at Eastern Michigan University, Villanova University, St. Bonaventure University and the University of Iowa.


What FAST CAPP student-athletes get


One on one time with student athlete (SA) to determine wants, interests, preferences – self exploration questionnaire, Naviance.  This builds the foundation from which to make an informed decision.  The recruiting process does not start when coaches can begin contacting recruits – laying the foundation of what is important to you is the beginning.

Research – what programs are out there that could possibly be a good fit –


Productive assignments & goals to keep SA on track – visits (at HS), campus visits, SA resume

Education – being aware of terminology and what certain things mean throughout this process is very important.


  • HELP

Knowledge of what college coaches are looking for

How best to communicate with coaches and when it is best to do so

What questions to ask & how to keep it all organized

NCAA rules are constantly changing and often challenging to interpret.  I can help with this on-going process


  • CONNECTIONS – college coaches value what coaches they know think of swimmers much more so than an outside person giving their opinion.  Given my experience in swimming I have many connections all over the country and at all levels of college swimming.  *If a college coach that one of our athletes is interested in has not reached out to us as a FAST coaching staff, I will reach out to them*


  • CONSTANT AVAILABILITY – once in the CAPP program you may reach me at any time to ask questions or to discuss any thoughts you may have.  This could come in many forms – from questions arising while you’re actually on a college visit to proof reading / giving suggestions on an email to a college coach before hitting send.


  • * All FAST CAPP athletes will recieve some communication from me during their first semester in their new collegiate program* Often times situations arise that were unexpected or difficult to work through and talking through them with a coach who has worked with them and has been through this process can be helpful.  I am happy to keep communication going with them throughout their time as a collegiate student athlete.  My goal for all FAST CAPP athletes is a positive experience from beginning to end.


Everyone’s journey is different – my experience and knowledge will help you and your family prepare for whatever direction your journey takes you.


Registered Athletes -  use this link to signup for CAPP meetings with Coach Garland

Registration Form - Download Registration Form and return to Coach Garland


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Updated 7-9-20