FAST Gives Back!

FAST Gives Back is a charitable giving program. For each FAST-hosted meet, the club will partner with a non-profit organization in the Fishers area, raising awareness and donations for that organization. Visiting teams will be invited to join in the giving, too. Swimmers donating to the charity at a meet will earn a special FAST Gives Back bag tag. Each meet and charity will have its own bag tag, so swimmers can collect them all!

FAST Gives Back is a voluntary program. At no time is any swimmer or FAST family required to make a donation.

The program is meant to be athlete driven. Any swimmer, in any age group, who has an idea for a charity drive or who wants to be more involved in the program should contact Shannon Alexander at [email protected] for more information.

Swimming is a wonderful sport that develops dedicated athletes, but it is easy to get lane-blindness and forget that there is a larger world outside the walls of the natatorium. FAST Gives Back brings the world to our pool and makes the Fishers Area Swimming Tigers champions both in and out of the water.

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