Fishers Area Swimming Tigers Lessons

Welcome to the FAST Swim Academy!

This is a program designed to help kids who have basic water skills be ready to compete and become FAST Tigers! 

There are two different programs:

Discovery is designed to help 6-10 year old swimmers prepare for our Tiger Cubs 1, 2 and 3 training groups. 

FUNdamentals is designed to help 11-14 year old swimmers prepare for our Tigers 1 and Tigers 2 training groups.

Entrance to these groups must be approved by FAST Coach.

Not sure where your child would fit in to the FAST program? Our coaches are always ready to evaluate potential new members of any and all skill levels. Just contact our Administrative Assistant to schedule a convenient time. Team evaluations are simply to help our coaching staff guide your swimmer into the appropriate group. Evaluations typically last about 15 minutes. When arriving for an evaluation, please have your swimmer bring a swimsuit, goggles, and towel - and be ready to have fun!