Membership Fees & Requirements

All swimmers pay the full $150 registration fee. For families with multiple FAST swimmers, monthly fees receive a 15% discount for 2nd child and 30% discount for 3rd child. The 4th+ child will have no monthly fees.  The child in the highest level group pays full fee, the 2nd highest group is considered the 2nd child, the 3rd highest group is the 3rd child, and so on.

Fee Schedule

Training Group Registration Fee 1st Child 2nd Child 3rd Child 4th Child
National $150.00 $155.00 $131.75 $108.50 No Training Fees
Elite $150.00 $155.00 $131.75 $108.50 No Training Fees
Excel $150.00 $135.00 $114.75 $94.50 No Training Fees
Tiger Pride $150.00 $130.00 $110.50 $91.00 No Training Fees
Tigers 3 $150.00 $125.00 $106.25 $87.50 No Training Fees
Tigers 2 $150.00 $120.00 $102.00 $84.00 No Training Fees
Tigers 1 $150.00 $110.00 $93.50 $77.00 No Training Fees
Tiger Stripes $150.00 $105.00 $89.25 $73.50 No Training Fees
Tiger Cubs 3 $150.00 $100.00 $85.00 $70.00 No Training Fees
Tiger Cubs 2 $150.00 $95.00 $80.75 $66.50 No Training Fees
Tiger Cubs 1 $150.00 $90.00 $76.50 $63.00 No Training Fees

I agree and understand that the registration fees are due with registration and I will be billed the 1st of each month for dues for nine payments.     ** If you are intending to pay by check, please email the [email protected].**

Per USA Swimming’s Outreach program, FAST does provide financial assistance for those families that are part of the Free and Reduced Lunch program. To participate, FAST families will need to provide documentation of their participation. Please contact the FAST Business Manager for details.

FAST Participation Terms and Conditions

All families entering into Fishers Area Swimming Tigers are members of our family. If questions or concerns arise, please email your swimmer's lead coach, Head Coach Joe Keller ([email protected]), or our Business Manager ([email protected]).

Upon joining FAST, you agree to pay all reasonable fees involved in Fishers Area Swimming Tigers, which include, but may not be limited to, the following:

  • FAST Registration Fee: The registration fee is an annual (one time per year), non-refundable per swimmer fee to cover facility fees, FAST team shirts, FAST team caps, team parties, participation awards, and miscellaneous other items.
  • USA Swimming Registration Fee: USA Swimming Membership for the year, secondary insurance, Splash magazine subscription, 
  • Training Fees: These fees are based on your swimmer's group level. Monthly statements will be emailed each month from September through May. The statements must be paid in full by the 15th of the same month. If your account is still outstanding by the first of the following month, you swimmer(s) may be asked to leave the water and will not be allowed to participate in practice, meet or travel trips.  Please read the "Fee Schedule" for exact amounts.
  • Meet Entry Fees: Each competition your swimmer is entered in will incur fees, including entry fees for each individual event, as well as any relay in which they compete. Fees will vary from meet to meet. These fees will be assessed on your monthly statement and are due, even if your swimmer missed the meet. It is your responsibility to review entries for each event online. FAST typically pays these fees in advance of a meet and bills you later. If your account is not kept current, FAST may request payment in advance in order for your swimmer to participate.
  • Miscellaneous Fees and Charges: There may be other fees that arise throughout the course of the year (additional swim caps as needed, miscellaneous equipment, etc.). Review your account frequently for fees and promptly notify the FAST Business Manager of any discrepancies or questions.

Other requirements to please keep in mind:

  • All swimmers must swim "attached" to FAST from the first available day until the swimmer leaves FAST.
  • You acknowledge and agree that a place on the FAST team is reserved for your swimmer. Your registration fee to join and the training fees paid from September through May cover your swimmer for an entire year. All training fees will be completely paid off in May, unless your family starts late (i.e., if your family/swimmer starts on the team after September). Those joining late will be billed nine months from the month of their starting date or until the start of the new season.
  • Should a swimmer decide to discontinue participation with the Fishers Area Swimming Tigers, the Business Manager must be notified in writing at least 30 days in advance. No portion of dues and/or registration fees are refundable and any outstanding meet entry fees are considered an obligation to the Fishers Area Swimming Tigers and are payable upon termination of participation.
  • Please note: An exception to this annual obligation may be provided to swimmers in their first year contract with FAST.

FAST Family Event Support Requirements

FAST is known for hosting high-quality competitions. Teams travel to our popular FAST-hosted mets from all over the Midwest. The biggest benefit of hosting these meets is they provide our athletes with high-quality competition, while reducing the training dues paid by FAST families and minimizing travel expenses for our families.

For every FAST hosted meet, families with only Tiger Cubs 1, Tiger Cubs 2 or Tiger Cubs 3 swimmers are asked to provide support for 2 sessions. Families with swimmers in all other practice groups are asked to provide support for 3 sessions.

Families must provide event support regardless of whether or not their swimmer(s) are participating in the FAST-hosted meet.

Prior to each meet, our Event Support Coordinator will send an email to announce that the sign up is open. Please prioritize these emails, as they will provide details about the meet, as well as the support specifics. In some circumstances, FAST is able to lower the family event support requirement for a specific meet. This can be dues to a number of variables (length of the meet, number of pools being used, etc.). If the requirement is lowered, the Event Support Coordinator will notify team families.

Families are strongly encouraged to work the sessions. If a family does choose to "Hire a Sub" for a meet before the sign-up window closes, a $25 per session fee will be charged to their account. After 3 hires per year (September - August), the cost increases to $50 per session.

Those who do not sign up, hire a sub, or show up for their event support shifts are automatically assessed a financial penalty of $75 per session. This ensures that FAST can provide adequate staffing at our hosted meets, achieve our budget goals, and keep families' dues low.

If the athlete is participating in a higher-level event, such as TYR Pro or Winter Nationals, that conflicts with a FAST-hosted meet, the "Hire a Sub" fee will be waived for the family. If the athlete ends up swimming in part, but not all, of the FAST-hosted meet, the event support obligation will be in force. 


FAST Apparel Expectations

FAST has apparel/uniform requirements at competitions. FAST is negotiating with a potential sponsor and will announce soon any change to what swimmers are required to wear at our meets.

The uniform requirements are as follows:

  • All FAST swimmers are required to wear the designated team t-shirt at competitions.
  • All swimmers that choose to wear a swim cap are required to wear the designated team cap at competitions.
  • All FAST swimmers must wear the required team suit. Please note: FAST swimmers who also compete for the FHS Swimming and Diving team will not need to purchase a separate suit for high school-only competitions.
  • In championship meets, swimmers 13 and older are expected to purchase a technical TYR Championship Racing Suit.
  • Additional Note: Female athletes are allowed to wear a bikini top, so straps of a technical suit do not become uncomfortable. However, the athlete is to cover the bikini top with a TEAM T-shirt or TEAM Warm-Up at all times.championship suit is optional.

In addition, FAST team members are encouraged to have a FAST warm-up or parka.

All suits and equipment can be purchased through Elsmore Swim Shop (4705 East 96th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46240; Please purchase all of your swimming apparel and equipment at Elsmore and make sure they know you are a FAST Tiger. Our sponsor keeps track of our purchases and that determines our contract upon renewal. You receive a substantial discount on purchases from Elsmore Swim Shop.