Tiger Champion Award

"To create Life Champions through Excellence in Swimming."  That is our Club Mission.  As an organization, we are committed to striving for Excellence and want to steadily grow youth so they become Champions in Life! 

This Week's Tiger Champion!
This week's Tiger Champion is Destiny Dieu. Part of the Tigers 1 training group, Destiny is eager to learn and does her best to help those in her lane stay on task and on time. "Her friendly personality draws people in and she always strives to do her best - whether in dryland, drills, or racing," begins Coach Karen. "Destiny takes the time to ask questions and understand what is expected before beginning the next set, and asks for feedback on her stroke and water skills."

A 5th grader at Sand Creek Intermediate, Destiny's favorite subject is Math and she loves to play the piano. At the pool, her favorite stroke is breaststroke. Her favorite event? The 50 Breast. Destiny's advice to her teammates is to never give up - no matter what!

Congratulations, Destiny! You are a Tiger Champion!

The Tiger Champion Award Background
A major component of that process is the development of personal skills, qualities, and characteristics.  It is important that our athletes recognize, understand, and exhibit character that reflects growth.  Likewise, it is equally important that great character be demonstrated by those that are a part of the process.  Each one of us has a responsibility in this process to insure a successful outcome. 

Our "Tiger Champion" Award goes to our 14 and under athletes who best exemplifies the following attributes:

  • Performance: The athlete meets and exceeds the number of training sessions recommended.  The athlete is punctual in arriving to training.  The athlete actively participates in training sessions by exhibiting exceptional effort.  The athlete is responsible for their actions.
  • Attitude: The athlete is enthusiastic, positive, optimistic and coachable.
  • Integrity: The athlete abides by TEAM policies.  The athlete is honest and respectful towards teammates, parents, coaches, officials, and volunteers.
  • TEAM Spirit: The athlete is supportive, loyal and exhibits PRIDE in being a Tiger.

Congratulations to our Tiger Champions! We are proud of your efforts towards attaining Excellence and becoming Champions, in and out of the pool!

Past Tiger Champions

Abby Miller, Tiger Pride
Taichi Kataoka, Tigers 1
Ben Russell, Tigers 2
Evan Makielski, Tiger Cubs 2
Drew Bakle, Tiger Cubs 2
Zach McEwen, Tigers 2
Dan Bennett, Tiger Pride
Eduardo Sanchez, Tiger Pride
Vince Dieu, Tigers 1
Lily Ziino, Tigers 1
Avery Stein, Tiger Pride
Marcus Fudge, Tiger Cubs 2
Lydia Reade, Elite Tigers
Lukas Bradford, Tigers 2
JoJo Ramey, Tiger Pride